24-bit Sobol direction numbers per cell








#include "Math/Sobol.h"


static const int32 Cell2DDirectionNumbers = { { {0x800000, 0x800000}, {0x200000, 0xa00000}, {0x400000, 0x400000}, {0x100000, 0x500000}, {0x040000, 0xd40000}, {0x080000, 0x280000}, {0x020000, 0x6a0000}, {0x010000, 0x710000}, {0x008000, 0x388000}, {0x004000, 0x584000}, {0x002000, 0xea2000}, {0x000100, 0xe52500}, {0x001000, 0x311000}, {0x000800, 0x98a800}, {0x000400, 0x085400}, {0x000200, 0xc22a00}, {0x000080, 0xf2b280}, {0x000040, 0x794840}, {0x000020, 0xfaa420}, {0x000010, 0xbd7310}, {0x000008, 0x18a808}, {0x000002, 0x622a0a}, {0x000004, 0x485404}, {0x000000, 0xdab282}, {0x000000, 0xad484d}, {0x000000, 0xcc7317}, {0x000001, 0xb52505}, {0x000000, 0x90a426}, {0x000000, 0x20280b}, {0x000000, 0x101401}, {0x000000, 0x880a04}, {0x000000, 0x843506} }, { {0xa00000, 0x200000}, {0x200000, 0xa00000}, {0x400000, 0x400000}, {0x100000, 0x500000}, {0x240000, 0x740000}, {0x080000, 0x280000}, {0x020000, 0x6a0000}, {0x010000, 0x710000}, {0x008000, 0x388000}, {0x004000, 0x584000}, {0x202000, 0x4a2000}, {0x200100, 0x452500}, {0x001000, 0x311000}, {0x200800, 0x38a800}, {0x000400, 0x085400}, {0x200200, 0x622a00}, {0x200080, 0x52b280}, {0x000040, 0x794840}, {0x200020, 0x5aa420}, {0x200010, 0x1d7310}, {0x000008, 0x18a808}, {0x000002, 0x622a0a}, {0x000004, 0x485404}, {0x200000, 0x7ab282}, {0x200000, 0x0d484d}, {0x200000, 0x6c7317}, {0x200001, 0x152505}, {0x200000, 0x30a426}, {0x000000, 0x20280b}, {0x000000, 0x101401}, {0x200000, 0x280a04}, {0x200000, 0x243506} }, { {0x500000, 0x100000}, {0xa00000, 0x200000}, {0x100000, 0x500000}, {0x200000, 0xa00000}, {0x340000, 0x240000}, {0x080000, 0x280000}, {0x120000, 0x3a0000}, {0x110000, 0x210000}, {0x008000, 0x388000}, {0x104000, 0x084000}, {0x302000, 0x1a2000}, {0x300100, 0x152500}, {0x001000, 0x311000}, {0x200800, 0x38a800}, {0x000400, 0x085400}, {0x300200, 0x322a00}, {0x300080, 0x02b280}, {0x100040, 0x294840}, {0x300020, 0x0aa420}, {0x200010, 0x1d7310}, {0x000008, 0x18a808}, {0x100002, 0x322a0a}, {0x100004, 0x185404}, {0x300000, 0x2ab282}, {0x200000, 0x0d484d}, {0x300000, 0x3c7317}, {0x200001, 0x152505}, {0x200000, 0x30a426}, {0x000000, 0x20280b}, {0x000000, 0x101401}, {0x200000, 0x280a04}, {0x200000, 0x243506} }, { {0x3c0000, 0x0c0000}, {0x500000, 0x100000}, {0x940000, 0x040000}, {0x080000, 0x280000}, {0x100000, 0x500000}, {0x140000, 0x840000}, {0x1a0000, 0x120000}, {0x190000, 0x090000}, {0x088000, 0x108000}, {0x104000, 0x084000}, {0x0c2000, 0x162000}, {0x0c0100, 0x192500}, {0x081000, 0x191000}, {0x140800, 0x1ca800}, {0x000400, 0x085400}, {0x040200, 0x162a00}, {0x0c0080, 0x0eb280}, {0x180040, 0x014840}, {0x0c0020, 0x06a420}, {0x1c0010, 0x117310}, {0x000008, 0x18a808}, {0x180002, 0x1a2a0a}, {0x100004, 0x185404}, {0x040000, 0x0eb282}, {0x1c0000, 0x01484d}, {0x040000, 0x187317}, {0x1c0001, 0x192505}, {0x140000, 0x14a426}, {0x080000, 0x08280b}, {0x000000, 0x101401}, {0x140000, 0x0c0a04}, {0x140000, 0x003506} }, { {0x190000, 0x090000}, {0x250000, 0x050000}, {0x4a0000, 0x020000}, {0x8d0000, 0x0d0000}, {0x030000, 0x1b0000}, {0x080000, 0x280000}, {0x0a0000, 0x420000}, {0x0d0000, 0x8d0000}, {0x0b8000, 0x0b8000}, {0x094000, 0x014000}, {0x0f2000, 0x0d2000}, {0x0f0100, 0x022500}, {0x0b1000, 0x021000}, {0x0e0800, 0x0ea800}, {0x000400, 0x085400}, {0x070200, 0x0d2a00}, {0x0c0080, 0x0eb280}, {0x010040, 0x084840}, {0x0c0020, 0x06a420}, {0x060010, 0x037310}, {0x030008, 0x03a808}, {0x020002, 0x082a0a}, {0x0a0004, 0x0a5404}, {0x040000, 0x0eb282}, {0x050000, 0x08484d}, {0x070000, 0x037317}, {0x060001, 0x0b2505}, {0x0e0000, 0x06a426}, {0x080000, 0x08280b}, {0x030000, 0x0b1401}, {0x0d0000, 0x050a04}, {0x0d0000, 0x093506} }, { {0x094000, 0x014000}, {0x128000, 0x028000}, {0x250000, 0x050000}, {0x434000, 0x034000}, {0x868000, 0x068000}, {0x02c000, 0x0ac000}, {0x01c000, 0x11c000}, {0x038000, 0x238000}, {0x034000, 0x434000}, {0x068000, 0x868000}, {0x04a000, 0x06a000}, {0x064100, 0x036500}, {0x025000, 0x035000}, {0x058800, 0x052800}, {0x02c400, 0x029400}, {0x05c200, 0x07ea00}, {0x078080, 0x053280}, {0x03c040, 0x028840}, {0x054020, 0x07e420}, {0x060010, 0x037310}, {0x030008, 0x03a808}, {0x00c002, 0x02ea0a}, {0x018004, 0x01d404}, {0x06c000, 0x047282}, {0x07c000, 0x02884d}, {0x070000, 0x037317}, {0x04c001, 0x01e505}, {0x074000, 0x07e426}, {0x038000, 0x03a80b}, {0x01c000, 0x01d401}, {0x044000, 0x044a04}, {0x068000, 0x02b506} }, { {0x064100, 0x036500}, {0x094000, 0x014000}, {0x128000, 0x028000}, {0x21a000, 0x03a000}, {0x434000, 0x034000}, {0x822000, 0x002000}, {0x02e100, 0x05c500}, {0x02c000, 0x0ac000}, {0x01c000, 0x11c000}, {0x038000, 0x238000}, {0x034000, 0x434000}, {0x022000, 0x802000}, {0x025000, 0x035000}, {0x012800, 0x038800}, {0x02c400, 0x029400}, {0x016200, 0x014a00}, {0x032080, 0x039280}, {0x03c040, 0x028840}, {0x01e020, 0x014420}, {0x004110, 0x001610}, {0x030008, 0x03a808}, {0x00c002, 0x02ea0a}, {0x018004, 0x01d404}, {0x026000, 0x02d282}, {0x018100, 0x01ed4d}, {0x014100, 0x001617}, {0x028101, 0x028005}, {0x03e000, 0x014426}, {0x038000, 0x03a80b}, {0x01c000, 0x01d401}, {0x00e000, 0x02ea04}, {0x00c100, 0x01d006} }, { {0x037800, 0x00d800}, {0x041100, 0x003500}, {0x094000, 0x014000}, {0x10d000, 0x01d000}, {0x208800, 0x002800}, {0x411000, 0x001000}, {0x815800, 0x00f800}, {0x012800, 0x038800}, {0x019900, 0x051d00}, {0x009000, 0x099000}, {0x01c000, 0x11c000}, {0x01d000, 0x20d000}, {0x011000, 0x401000}, {0x015800, 0x80f800}, {0x009400, 0x01c400}, {0x016200, 0x014a00}, {0x017080, 0x00c280}, {0x019040, 0x01d840}, {0x01e020, 0x014420}, {0x004110, 0x001610}, {0x015008, 0x00f808}, {0x01e802, 0x01620a}, {0x018004, 0x01d404}, {0x003000, 0x018282}, {0x018100, 0x01ed4d}, {0x014100, 0x001617}, {0x00d101, 0x01d005}, {0x009800, 0x019c26}, {0x01d000, 0x00f80b}, {0x01c000, 0x01d401}, {0x01c800, 0x016204}, {0x00c100, 0x01d006} }, { {0x01f600, 0x008e00}, {0x028e00, 0x005600}, {0x041100, 0x003500}, {0x082200, 0x000a00}, {0x104400, 0x001400}, {0x208800, 0x002800}, {0x40e600, 0x009e00}, {0x80ae00, 0x007600}, {0x009400, 0x01c400}, {0x004a00, 0x02c200}, {0x00fb00, 0x045700}, {0x000400, 0x085400}, {0x00a200, 0x108a00}, {0x002600, 0x205e00}, {0x00e600, 0x409e00}, {0x00ae00, 0x807600}, {0x008680, 0x004c80}, {0x00f240, 0x009240}, {0x008220, 0x000e20}, {0x004110, 0x001610}, {0x00a608, 0x007608}, {0x008a02, 0x00280a}, {0x00e204, 0x009e04}, {0x00a400, 0x004682}, {0x00e300, 0x00a74d}, {0x00b700, 0x009817}, {0x004501, 0x001405}, {0x000c00, 0x005826}, {0x002600, 0x00760b}, {0x00a200, 0x009e01}, {0x00aa00, 0x002804}, {0x005500, 0x001406} }, { {0x008680, 0x004c80}, {0x010440, 0x001c40}, {0x020880, 0x001a80}, {0x041100, 0x003500}, {0x082200, 0x000a00}, {0x104400, 0x001400}, {0x200e80, 0x006480}, {0x401440, 0x000c40}, {0x802880, 0x003a80}, {0x0074c0, 0x00dec0}, {0x006640, 0x015640}, {0x003ec0, 0x021cc0}, {0x007d80, 0x041b80}, {0x000400, 0x085400}, {0x005040, 0x101840}, {0x002600, 0x205e00}, {0x001440, 0x400c40}, {0x002880, 0x803a80}, {0x0004a0, 0x0042a0}, {0x004110, 0x001610}, {0x002088, 0x003a88}, {0x000c82, 0x00648a}, {0x001044, 0x000c44}, {0x002280, 0x000a02}, {0x001140, 0x00350d}, {0x004540, 0x000a57}, {0x004501, 0x001405}, {0x000c00, 0x005826}, {0x002600, 0x00760b}, {0x005040, 0x000c41}, {0x002c80, 0x006484}, {0x005500, 0x001406} }, { {0x004110, 0x001610}, {0x008220, 0x000e20}, {0x010440, 0x001c40}, {0x020880, 0x001a80}, {0x041100, 0x003500}, {0x082200, 0x000a00}, {0x100510, 0x000210}, {0x200a20, 0x002620}, {0x401440, 0x000c40}, {0x802880, 0x003a80}, {0x0004a0, 0x0042a0}, {0x003170, 0x008a70}, {0x0023f0, 0x0102f0}, {0x003ec0, 0x021cc0}, {0x003c90, 0x040d90}, {0x0000a0, 0x0816a0}, {0x001150, 0x100e50}, {0x0022a0, 0x201ca0}, {0x001440, 0x400c40}, {0x002880, 0x803a80}, {0x002088, 0x003a88}, {0x000822, 0x00262a}, {0x001044, 0x000c44}, {0x002280, 0x000a02}, {0x001140, 0x00350d}, {0x000450, 0x001c47}, {0x000411, 0x000215}, {0x0008a0, 0x001a86}, {0x0022a0, 0x0034ab}, {0x001150, 0x001a51}, {0x002820, 0x002624}, {0x001410, 0x000216} }, { {0x0028aa, 0x001ca2}, {0x004110, 0x001610}, {0x008220, 0x000e20}, {0x010440, 0x001c40}, {0x020880, 0x001a80}, {0x041922, 0x00132a}, {0x080aaa, 0x0016a2}, {0x100510, 0x000210}, {0x200202, 0x00000a}, {0x401440, 0x000c40}, {0x800808, 0x000008}, {0x000822, 0x00262a}, {0x0004a0, 0x0042a0}, {0x0019da, 0x0096d2}, {0x000b5a, 0x011e52}, {0x00166a, 0x020062}, {0x00143a, 0x041132}, {0x0000a0, 0x0816a0}, {0x001150, 0x100e50}, {0x000a0a, 0x200002}, {0x001440, 0x400c40}, {0x000808, 0x800008}, {0x001044, 0x000c44}, {0x000a2a, 0x0016a0}, {0x001962, 0x001327}, {0x000450, 0x001c47}, {0x000411, 0x000215}, {0x0008a0, 0x001a86}, {0x000228, 0x000e23}, {0x001150, 0x001a51}, {0x0008a8, 0x001cac}, {0x001410, 0x000216} }, { {0x001044, 0x000c44}, {0x002280, 0x000a02}, {0x004b3a, 0x0000b0}, {0x008220, 0x000e20}, {0x010e6a, 0x000ae0}, {0x0202aa, 0x000c20}, {0x04034c, 0x0009ce}, {0x080080, 0x000002}, {0x100510, 0x000210}, {0x200202, 0x00000a}, {0x400404, 0x000004}, {0x800808, 0x000008}, {0x000a2a, 0x0016a0}, {0x000822, 0x00262a}, {0x0004a0, 0x0042a0}, {0x0003b4, 0x008c36}, {0x000170, 0x0108f2}, {0x00062e, 0x020c26}, {0x000e54, 0x040bd6}, {0x000a8a, 0x080000}, {0x000114, 0x100214}, {0x000a0a, 0x200002}, {0x000404, 0x400004}, {0x000808, 0x800008}, {0x00030c, 0x0009c3}, {0x000e7a, 0x000ae7}, {0x000411, 0x000215}, {0x00028a, 0x000c26}, {0x000228, 0x000e23}, {0x000b3e, 0x0000b5}, {0x000282, 0x000a0c}, {0x000454, 0x000e52} }, { {0x000d76, 0x000324}, {0x001348, 0x000587}, {0x00218c, 0x0003c1}, {0x00464c, 0x000394}, {0x00812c, 0x0007e3}, {0x010010, 0x000007}, {0x0201a6, 0x0005e3}, {0x040040, 0x00000d}, {0x080080, 0x000002}, {0x100510, 0x000210}, {0x200202, 0x00000a}, {0x400404, 0x000004}, {0x80057e, 0x00032c}, {0x00030c, 0x0009c3}, {0x00075c, 0x001584}, {0x000554, 0x00250e}, {0x0004a0, 0x0042a0}, {0x0000b8, 0x0085f5}, {0x00027c, 0x010131}, {0x000522, 0x0205e5}, {0x00002e, 0x040131}, {0x0007fc, 0x080324}, {0x000114, 0x100214}, {0x00077c, 0x200326}, {0x000404, 0x400004}, {0x00057e, 0x80032c}, {0x000411, 0x000215}, {0x000186, 0x0005e5}, {0x000124, 0x0007e0}, {0x000648, 0x000391}, {0x00018e, 0x0003cf}, {0x000758, 0x000791} }, { {0x000411, 0x000215}, {0x000967, 0x000131}, {0x0012ce, 0x000062}, {0x00218c, 0x0003c1}, {0x00425d, 0x000181}, {0x0080aa, 0x000206}, {0x010010, 0x000007}, {0x020020, 0x000006}, {0x040040, 0x00000d}, {0x080080, 0x000002}, {0x100101, 0x000005}, {0x200202, 0x00000a}, {0x400015, 0x000211}, {0x80016f, 0x000139}, {0x000186, 0x0005e5}, {0x00030c, 0x0009c3}, {0x0002cb, 0x001274}, {0x0000c3, 0x0022fe}, {0x0000b1, 0x0040b5}, {0x00013e, 0x008010}, {0x00027c, 0x010131}, {0x0000b5, 0x020215}, {0x00002e, 0x040131}, {0x0003ed, 0x080131}, {0x000114, 0x100214}, {0x00036d, 0x200133}, {0x000015, 0x400211}, {0x00016f, 0x800139}, {0x0000a2, 0x000205}, {0x000259, 0x000184}, {0x00018e, 0x0003cf}, {0x0002cf, 0x000061} }, { {0x000259, 0x000184}, {0x0004b3, 0x000010}, {0x000967, 0x000131}, {0x001097, 0x0001e6}, {0x00212e, 0x0001c4}, {0x004004, 0x000005}, {0x008008, 0x000003}, {0x010010, 0x000007}, {0x020020, 0x000006}, {0x040040, 0x00000d}, {0x080080, 0x000002}, {0x100101, 0x000005}, {0x20005b, 0x00018e}, {0x4000b7, 0x000014}, {0x80016f, 0x000139}, {0x0000a2, 0x000205}, {0x000186, 0x0005e5}, {0x000155, 0x000847}, {0x000030, 0x0011f5}, {0x000061, 0x0020fb}, {0x0000b1, 0x0040b5}, {0x00013e, 0x008010}, {0x000025, 0x0100b5}, {0x000017, 0x020010}, {0x00002e, 0x040131}, {0x0001b4, 0x0800b5}, {0x0001b6, 0x100011}, {0x000134, 0x2000b7}, {0x0000b7, 0x400014}, {0x00016f, 0x800139}, {0x00012c, 0x0001ca}, {0x000096, 0x0001e5} } };


24-bit Sobol direction numbers per cell

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