24-bit Sobol direction numbers per cell in Gray-code order








#include "Math/Sobol.h"


static const int32 Cell2DGrayNumbers = { { {0x800000, 0x800000}, {0xa00000, 0x200000}, {0xe00000, 0x600000}, {0xf00000, 0x300000}, {0xf40000, 0xe40000}, {0xfc0000, 0xcc0000}, {0xfe0000, 0xa60000}, {0xff0000, 0xd70000}, {0xff8000, 0xef8000}, {0xffc000, 0xb7c000}, {0xffe000, 0x5de000}, {0xffe100, 0xb8c500}, {0xfff100, 0x89d500}, {0xfff900, 0x117d00}, {0xfffd00, 0x192900}, {0xffff00, 0xdb0300}, {0xffff80, 0x29b180}, {0xffffc0, 0x50f9c0}, {0xffffe0, 0xaa5de0}, {0xfffff0, 0x172ef0}, {0xfffff8, 0x0f86f8}, {0xfffffa, 0x6dacf2}, {0xfffffe, 0x25f8f6}, {0xfffffe, 0xff4a74}, {0xfffffe, 0x520239}, {0xfffffe, 0x9e712e}, {0xffffff, 0x2b542b}, {0xffffff, 0xbbf00d}, {0xffffff, 0x9bd806}, {0xffffff, 0x8bcc07}, {0xffffff, 0x03c603}, {0xffffff, 0x87f305} }, { {0x400000, 0x400000}, {0x500000, 0x100000}, {0x740000, 0x640000}, {0x7c0000, 0x4c0000}, {0x7e0000, 0x260000}, {0x7f0000, 0x570000}, {0x7f8000, 0x6f8000}, {0x7fc000, 0x37c000}, {0x5fe000, 0x7de000}, {0x7fe100, 0x38c500}, {0x7ff100, 0x09d500}, {0x5ff900, 0x317d00}, {0x5ffd00, 0x392900}, {0x7fff00, 0x5b0300}, {0x5fff80, 0x09b180}, {0x5fffc0, 0x70f9c0}, {0x7fffe0, 0x2a5de0}, {0x5ffff0, 0x372ef0}, {0x5ffff8, 0x2f86f8}, {0x5ffffa, 0x4dacf2}, {0x5ffffe, 0x05f8f6}, {0x7ffffe, 0x7f4a74}, {0x5ffffe, 0x720239}, {0x7ffffe, 0x1e712e}, {0x5fffff, 0x0b542b}, {0x7fffff, 0x3bf00d}, {0x7fffff, 0x1bd806}, {0x7fffff, 0x0bcc07}, {0x5fffff, 0x23c603}, {0x7fffff, 0x07f305}, {0x7fffff, 0x45e98e}, {0x5fffff, 0x40f5c3} }, { {0x340000, 0x240000}, {0x3c0000, 0x0c0000}, {0x2e0000, 0x360000}, {0x3f0000, 0x170000}, {0x3f8000, 0x2f8000}, {0x2fc000, 0x27c000}, {0x1fe000, 0x3de000}, {0x2fe100, 0x28c500}, {0x2ff100, 0x19d500}, {0x0ff900, 0x217d00}, {0x0ffd00, 0x292900}, {0x3fff00, 0x1b0300}, {0x0fff80, 0x19b180}, {0x1fffc0, 0x30f9c0}, {0x2fffe0, 0x3a5de0}, {0x0ffff0, 0x272ef0}, {0x0ffff8, 0x3f86f8}, {0x1ffffa, 0x0dacf2}, {0x0ffffe, 0x15f8f6}, {0x3ffffe, 0x3f4a74}, {0x1ffffe, 0x320239}, {0x2ffffe, 0x0e712e}, {0x0fffff, 0x1b542b}, {0x2fffff, 0x2bf00d}, {0x2fffff, 0x0bd806}, {0x2fffff, 0x1bcc07}, {0x0fffff, 0x33c603}, {0x2fffff, 0x17f305}, {0x3fffff, 0x05e98e}, {0x1fffff, 0x00f5c3}, {0x0fffff, 0x027be9}, {0x0fffff, 0x2b2df0} }, { {0x1a0000, 0x120000}, {0x030000, 0x1b0000}, {0x0b8000, 0x0b8000}, {0x1bc000, 0x03c000}, {0x17e000, 0x15e000}, {0x1be100, 0x0cc500}, {0x13f100, 0x15d500}, {0x07f900, 0x097d00}, {0x07fd00, 0x012900}, {0x03ff00, 0x170300}, {0x0fff80, 0x19b180}, {0x17ffc0, 0x18f9c0}, {0x1bffe0, 0x1e5de0}, {0x07fff0, 0x0f2ef0}, {0x07fff8, 0x1786f8}, {0x1ffffa, 0x0dacf2}, {0x0ffffe, 0x15f8f6}, {0x0bfffe, 0x1b4a74}, {0x17fffe, 0x1a0239}, {0x13fffe, 0x02712e}, {0x0fffff, 0x1b542b}, {0x1bffff, 0x0ff00d}, {0x13ffff, 0x07d806}, {0x13ffff, 0x17cc07}, {0x07ffff, 0x1bc603}, {0x13ffff, 0x1bf305}, {0x03ffff, 0x09e98e}, {0x1fffff, 0x00f5c3}, {0x0fffff, 0x027be9}, {0x07ffff, 0x032df0}, {0x03ffff, 0x05b774}, {0x1bffff, 0x14eb32} }, { {0x0b8000, 0x0b8000}, {0x02c000, 0x0ac000}, {0x0de000, 0x07e000}, {0x02e100, 0x05c500}, {0x09f100, 0x07d500}, {0x07f900, 0x097d00}, {0x07fd00, 0x012900}, {0x00ff00, 0x0c0300}, {0x0cff80, 0x02b180}, {0x0dffc0, 0x0af9c0}, {0x01ffe0, 0x0c5de0}, {0x07fff0, 0x0f2ef0}, {0x04fff8, 0x0c86f8}, {0x06fffa, 0x04acf2}, {0x0cfffe, 0x0ef8f6}, {0x08fffe, 0x004a74}, {0x0dfffe, 0x080239}, {0x0afffe, 0x0b712e}, {0x0cffff, 0x00542b}, {0x02ffff, 0x06f00d}, {0x0affff, 0x0ed806}, {0x09ffff, 0x05cc07}, {0x04ffff, 0x00c603}, {0x09ffff, 0x09f305}, {0x03ffff, 0x09e98e}, {0x06ffff, 0x09f5c3}, {0x0fffff, 0x027be9}, {0x07ffff, 0x032df0}, {0x03ffff, 0x05b774}, {0x01ffff, 0x06eb32}, {0x00ffff, 0x054519}, {0x0bffff, 0x0f0304} }, { {0x04a000, 0x06a000}, {0x02e100, 0x05c500}, {0x00b100, 0x069500}, {0x053900, 0x03bd00}, {0x07fd00, 0x012900}, {0x023f00, 0x06c300}, {0x05bf80, 0x03f180}, {0x067fc0, 0x0179c0}, {0x033fe0, 0x069de0}, {0x053ff0, 0x05eef0}, {0x063ff8, 0x0646f8}, {0x06fffa, 0x04acf2}, {0x077ffe, 0x0578f6}, {0x01bffe, 0x010a74}, {0x067ffe, 0x038239}, {0x017ffe, 0x00f12e}, {0x05bfff, 0x01142b}, {0x02ffff, 0x06f00d}, {0x017fff, 0x055806}, {0x00bfff, 0x048c07}, {0x04ffff, 0x00c603}, {0x027fff, 0x027305}, {0x013fff, 0x03298e}, {0x043fff, 0x0335c3}, {0x06bfff, 0x033be9}, {0x07ffff, 0x032df0}, {0x03ffff, 0x05b774}, {0x01ffff, 0x06eb32}, {0x00ffff, 0x054519}, {0x007fff, 0x048304}, {0x003fff, 0x067186}, {0x04bfff, 0x07b9cb} }, { {0x025000, 0x035000}, {0x037800, 0x00d800}, {0x01bc00, 0x024c00}, {0x00de00, 0x030600}, {0x03fe80, 0x009480}, {0x003ec0, 0x021cc0}, {0x01dee0, 0x0358e0}, {0x019ff0, 0x034ef0}, {0x029ff8, 0x00e6f8}, {0x025ffa, 0x020cf2}, {0x03dffe, 0x03d8f6}, {0x01bffe, 0x010a74}, {0x003efe, 0x00e739}, {0x017ffe, 0x00f12e}, {0x03feff, 0x02712b}, {0x001eff, 0x03350d}, {0x039eff, 0x009d06}, {0x025eff, 0x014907}, {0x02beff, 0x03a303}, {0x027fff, 0x027305}, {0x013fff, 0x03298e}, {0x027eff, 0x0050c3}, {0x00feff, 0x005ee9}, {0x01beff, 0x0048f0}, {0x011eff, 0x007274}, {0x031eff, 0x032e32}, {0x021eff, 0x008019}, {0x029eff, 0x014604}, {0x02deff, 0x03b486}, {0x001fff, 0x0119cb}, {0x025fff, 0x03fded}, {0x019eff, 0x016bfa} }, { {0x009400, 0x01c400}, {0x01f600, 0x008e00}, {0x008680, 0x004c80}, {0x0116c0, 0x0194c0}, {0x00f6e0, 0x00d0e0}, {0x00b7f0, 0x00c6f0}, {0x01e7f8, 0x003ef8}, {0x000ffa, 0x015cf2}, {0x018ffe, 0x0088f6}, {0x01bffe, 0x010a74}, {0x003efe, 0x00e739}, {0x017ffe, 0x00f12e}, {0x01aeff, 0x01212b}, {0x0136ff, 0x00bd0d}, {0x00e6ff, 0x004506}, {0x0126ff, 0x019107}, {0x00eeff, 0x00f303}, {0x002fff, 0x012305}, {0x0017ff, 0x00a18e}, {0x0106ff, 0x0088c3}, {0x00feff, 0x005ee9}, {0x01beff, 0x0048f0}, {0x011eff, 0x007274}, {0x014eff, 0x007e32}, {0x0166ff, 0x005819}, {0x01e6ff, 0x019e04}, {0x008eff, 0x00e486}, {0x001fff, 0x0119cb}, {0x000fff, 0x00aded}, {0x019eff, 0x016bfa}, {0x010eff, 0x00d3f1}, {0x00dfff, 0x0132f0} }, { {0x008680, 0x004c80}, {0x0074c0, 0x00dec0}, {0x00f6e0, 0x00d0e0}, {0x00b7f0, 0x00c6f0}, {0x0011f8, 0x00b0f8}, {0x009bfa, 0x0098f2}, {0x0079fe, 0x0006f6}, {0x00ddfe, 0x004074}, {0x003efe, 0x00e739}, {0x0089fe, 0x007f2e}, {0x00ccff, 0x006b2b}, {0x00c0ff, 0x00330d}, {0x00e6ff, 0x004506}, {0x0044ff, 0x00db07}, {0x00eeff, 0x00f303}, {0x00bbff, 0x00e705}, {0x0017ff, 0x00a18e}, {0x00f0ff, 0x0006c3}, {0x00feff, 0x005ee9}, {0x0048ff, 0x00c6f0}, {0x00e8ff, 0x00fc74}, {0x00b8ff, 0x00f032}, {0x0090ff, 0x00d619}, {0x0084ff, 0x00d404}, {0x008eff, 0x00e486}, {0x008bff, 0x00ddcb}, {0x000fff, 0x00aded}, {0x00fcff, 0x0021fa}, {0x00f8ff, 0x005df1}, {0x004bff, 0x00f6f0}, {0x006fff, 0x0088f4}, {0x00ccff, 0x0012f2} }, { {0x0004a0, 0x0042a0}, {0x0045b0, 0x0054b0}, {0x006538, 0x006e38}, {0x0069ba, 0x000ab2}, {0x0079fe, 0x0006f6}, {0x005b7e, 0x000cf4}, {0x004a3e, 0x0039f9}, {0x000f7e, 0x0033ae}, {0x004a7f, 0x0027ab}, {0x00467f, 0x007f8d}, {0x00607f, 0x000986}, {0x00303f, 0x0005c7}, {0x001cbf, 0x006143}, {0x0049bf, 0x007545}, {0x00633f, 0x007f4e}, {0x00767f, 0x004a43}, {0x00787f, 0x001269}, {0x003c3f, 0x001830}, {0x001abf, 0x006e34}, {0x004abf, 0x006272}, {0x0062bf, 0x004459}, {0x0076bf, 0x004644}, {0x007cbf, 0x0076c6}, {0x0079bf, 0x004f8b}, {0x007b3f, 0x00732d}, {0x007a7f, 0x006d7a}, {0x007e7f, 0x001171}, {0x003f3f, 0x002830}, {0x001b3f, 0x005634}, {0x004a7f, 0x005e72}, {0x00667f, 0x0018f9}, {0x00333f, 0x002df4} }, { {0x002088, 0x003a88}, {0x0028aa, 0x001ca2}, {0x0038ee, 0x0010e6}, {0x001a6e, 0x001ae4}, {0x000b2e, 0x002fe9}, {0x000f7e, 0x0033ae}, {0x000b6f, 0x0031bb}, {0x0003cf, 0x002b3d}, {0x00216f, 0x001f96}, {0x00303f, 0x0005c7}, {0x00181f, 0x0023e3}, {0x000c0f, 0x0021f5}, {0x00268f, 0x002bfe}, {0x0033cf, 0x001ef3}, {0x00396f, 0x000479}, {0x003c3f, 0x001830}, {0x001e1f, 0x002c94}, {0x000f0f, 0x0036c2}, {0x00270f, 0x0010e9}, {0x00330f, 0x0012f4}, {0x00390f, 0x002276}, {0x003c0f, 0x001b3b}, {0x003e8f, 0x00279d}, {0x003fcf, 0x0039ca}, {0x003f6f, 0x000761}, {0x003f3f, 0x002830}, {0x001f9f, 0x001494}, {0x000fcf, 0x000ac2}, {0x00276f, 0x000ee9}, {0x00333f, 0x002df4}, {0x00199f, 0x00377e}, {0x000ccf, 0x002b37} }, { {0x001044, 0x000c44}, {0x001a6e, 0x001ae4}, {0x00030c, 0x0009c3}, {0x00075c, 0x001584}, {0x00034d, 0x001791}, {0x000bed, 0x000d17}, {0x0009c5, 0x000334}, {0x001895, 0x001965}, {0x00103d, 0x0005c9}, {0x00042d, 0x0007df}, {0x000607, 0x001176}, {0x001b65, 0x000251}, {0x0011c5, 0x0018db}, {0x001495, 0x000492}, {0x00163d, 0x000abe}, {0x00072d, 0x0010e8}, {0x000fa5, 0x000c4b}, {0x001ba5, 0x000e56}, {0x001987, 0x0018fe}, {0x0014a5, 0x000799}, {0x001e07, 0x001d15}, {0x001f47, 0x000342}, {0x0017c5, 0x001bc3}, {0x001fb7, 0x0012b8}, {0x001f9f, 0x001494}, {0x000fcf, 0x000ac2}, {0x000fc5, 0x00124b}, {0x0013b7, 0x00177c}, {0x0011bd, 0x001154}, {0x0004ed, 0x000d1d}, {0x000e45, 0x000331}, {0x001b55, 0x001967} }, { {0x00030c, 0x0009c3}, {0x000d76, 0x000324}, {0x000967, 0x000131}, {0x000bed, 0x000d17}, {0x0009c5, 0x000334}, {0x0002fb, 0x000381}, {0x000079, 0x00098d}, {0x00042d, 0x0007df}, {0x000c2d, 0x0007d6}, {0x000b21, 0x000e15}, {0x000bab, 0x00023f}, {0x0004d1, 0x0008d6}, {0x000679, 0x0006fa}, {0x000d07, 0x000648}, {0x000fa5, 0x000c4b}, {0x000be1, 0x000212}, {0x0003e9, 0x00021a}, {0x0004e1, 0x000bdd}, {0x000469, 0x0007f1}, {0x000f03, 0x000f06}, {0x000dab, 0x000127}, {0x0005d9, 0x00085c}, {0x0005f1, 0x000e70}, {0x000fcf, 0x000ac2}, {0x0005ef, 0x0004eb}, {0x0009d9, 0x000d98}, {0x000bd3, 0x000bb0}, {0x0004ed, 0x000d1d}, {0x000e45, 0x000331}, {0x00013b, 0x000383}, {0x000199, 0x000980}, {0x0004dd, 0x0007d9} }, { {0x000411, 0x000215}, {0x000597, 0x0007f0}, {0x0004b3, 0x000010}, {0x0002fb, 0x000381}, {0x000375, 0x00004e}, {0x00042d, 0x0007df}, {0x00015b, 0x0004f2}, {0x00055b, 0x0004f2}, {0x0006dd, 0x00011b}, {0x0007dd, 0x000115}, {0x000679, 0x0006fa}, {0x000071, 0x00056c}, {0x0001df, 0x0006ac}, {0x000697, 0x000136}, {0x0003e9, 0x00021a}, {0x0007ed, 0x00021e}, {0x000469, 0x0007f1}, {0x000179, 0x0005e1}, {0x0000dd, 0x000203}, {0x0006d5, 0x00019f}, {0x0006fd, 0x0007b3}, {0x0001b5, 0x000025}, {0x0005ef, 0x0004eb}, {0x0007a3, 0x00077f}, {0x0005a9, 0x000157}, {0x0007e1, 0x0004de}, {0x000333, 0x000015}, {0x00013b, 0x000383}, {0x000295, 0x000043}, {0x0004dd, 0x0007d9}, {0x000123, 0x0004f5}, {0x000567, 0x0004f1} }, { {0x0000a2, 0x000205}, {0x0002fb, 0x000381}, {0x000375, 0x00004e}, {0x0001ba, 0x00002f}, {0x0000dd, 0x000117}, {0x0000cc, 0x000302}, {0x0002cc, 0x00030e}, {0x0003cc, 0x000300}, {0x0003ee, 0x00010a}, {0x0001f7, 0x000089}, {0x000059, 0x000349}, {0x000286, 0x000323}, {0x0003e9, 0x00021a}, {0x0003fc, 0x00000b}, {0x0001fe, 0x000001}, {0x0000ff, 0x000004}, {0x0000dd, 0x000203}, {0x0002c4, 0x00038a}, {0x00036a, 0x000043}, {0x0001b5, 0x000025}, {0x000078, 0x00031b}, {0x000234, 0x00008f}, {0x0001b8, 0x000342}, {0x000276, 0x00032e}, {0x000333, 0x000015}, {0x00013b, 0x000383}, {0x000295, 0x000043}, {0x00014a, 0x000029}, {0x0000a5, 0x000110}, {0x0000f0, 0x000301}, {0x0002d2, 0x00030b}, {0x0003c3, 0x00030e} }, { {0x00012c, 0x0001ca}, {0x0001ba, 0x00002f}, {0x0000dd, 0x000117}, {0x00006e, 0x000107}, {0x000037, 0x00008f}, {0x000137, 0x000081}, {0x0001b7, 0x00008e}, {0x0001f7, 0x000089}, {0x0000fb, 0x00014c}, {0x00007d, 0x0000a2}, {0x000112, 0x00019b}, {0x0001a5, 0x00018f}, {0x0001fe, 0x000001}, {0x0000ff, 0x000004}, {0x00007f, 0x000006}, {0x00003f, 0x00000b}, {0x000133, 0x0001c7}, {0x0001b5, 0x000025}, {0x0000da, 0x00011e}, {0x00006d, 0x00010b}, {0x00011a, 0x000147}, {0x00008d, 0x0000af}, {0x00016a, 0x000191}, {0x000199, 0x000186}, {0x0000cc, 0x0001c7}, {0x00014a, 0x000029}, {0x0000a5, 0x000110}, {0x000052, 0x000104}, {0x000029, 0x00008a}, {0x000138, 0x00008f}, {0x0001b0, 0x00008d}, {0x0001f4, 0x000080} } };


24-bit Sobol direction numbers per cell in Gray-code order

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