24-bit Sobol direction numbers per cell








#include "Math/Sobol.h"


static const int32 Cell3DDirectionNumbers = { { {0x800000, 0x800000, 0x800000}, {0xc00000, 0xc00000, 0x400000}, {0x900000, 0x500000, 0xb00000}, {0x600000, 0x200000, 0x200000}, {0xe80000, 0xf80000, 0xf80000}, {0x8e0000, 0xa20000, 0x7a0000}, {0x5c0000, 0x740000, 0xdc0000}, {0xc50000, 0x930000, 0x9d0000}, {0x688000, 0xd88000, 0x5a8000}, {0x9cc000, 0x254000, 0x2fc000}, {0xee6000, 0x59e000, 0xa16000}, {0x559000, 0xe6d000, 0xf0b000}, {0xc09c00, 0xb40c00, 0x6fc400}, {0x60ee00, 0x820200, 0x816200}, {0xe88080, 0x208f80, 0x228780}, {0x806800, 0x780800, 0xda8800}, {0x905500, 0xc30500, 0x40bb00}, {0x5cc0c0, 0x514740, 0xb3c9c0}, {0x8e6060, 0xfbea20, 0xfb65a0}, {0x6868e8, 0xa08588, 0x780228}, {0x9c9c5c, 0x914e54, 0x9c0b3c}, {0xc59090, 0x75d930, 0xddb2d0}, {0x5555c5, 0x25db6d, 0x2d0ddb}, {0x8000e8, 0x588000, 0xa28780}, {0xeeee8e, 0xdbe79e, 0x5a0fb6}, {0xc0005c, 0xe54000, 0xf3c9c0}, {0x60008e, 0x79e000, 0xdb65a0}, {0x9000c5, 0xb6d000, 0x6db2d0}, {0xe80068, 0x800800, 0x800228}, {0x8e00ee, 0x200200, 0x200fb6}, {0x5c009c, 0xc00c00, 0x400b3c}, {0xc50055, 0x500500, 0xb00ddb} }, { {0xd00000, 0x100000, 0x700000}, {0x100000, 0xd00000, 0x300000}, {0x400000, 0x400000, 0xc00000}, {0x600000, 0x200000, 0x200000}, {0x680000, 0x780000, 0x780000}, {0x4e0000, 0x620000, 0x3a0000}, {0x1c0000, 0x340000, 0x1c0000}, {0x450000, 0x130000, 0x1d0000}, {0x788000, 0x088000, 0x6a8000}, {0x4cc000, 0x354000, 0x5fc000}, {0x7e6000, 0x09e000, 0x116000}, {0x059000, 0x76d000, 0x00b000}, {0x009c00, 0x740c00, 0x2fc400}, {0x30ee00, 0x120200, 0x716200}, {0x388080, 0x308f80, 0x528780}, {0x106800, 0x280800, 0x6a8800}, {0x505500, 0x030500, 0x00bb00}, {0x1cc0c0, 0x114740, 0x73c9c0}, {0x0e6060, 0x7bea20, 0x7b65a0}, {0x7868e8, 0x708588, 0x480228}, {0x1c9c5c, 0x114e54, 0x1c0b3c}, {0x559090, 0x25d930, 0x6db2d0}, {0x5555c5, 0x25db6d, 0x2d0ddb}, {0x1000e8, 0x088000, 0x128780}, {0x2eee8e, 0x1be79e, 0x1a0fb6}, {0x40005c, 0x654000, 0x73c9c0}, {0x20008e, 0x39e000, 0x1b65a0}, {0x5000c5, 0x76d000, 0x2db2d0}, {0x680068, 0x000800, 0x000228}, {0x5e00ee, 0x300200, 0x500fb6}, {0x4c009c, 0x100c00, 0x700b3c}, {0x550055, 0x000500, 0x000ddb} }, { {0x600000, 0x200000, 0x200000}, {0x960000, 0x2a0000, 0x120000}, {0x2e0000, 0x420000, 0x1a0000}, {0x3e0000, 0x920000, 0x2a0000}, {0x260000, 0x1a0000, 0x420000}, {0x280000, 0x380000, 0xb80000}, {0x1c0000, 0x340000, 0x1c0000}, {0x250000, 0x330000, 0x3d0000}, {0x3e8000, 0x328000, 0x088000}, {0x0ac000, 0x0f4000, 0x3dc000}, {0x1e6000, 0x29e000, 0x316000}, {0x2b9000, 0x34d000, 0x1ab000}, {0x2e9c00, 0x360c00, 0x35c400}, {0x16ee00, 0x080200, 0x336200}, {0x1e8080, 0x2a8f80, 0x108780}, {0x366800, 0x320800, 0x288800}, {0x305500, 0x230500, 0x20bb00}, {0x3ac0c0, 0x0b4740, 0x31c9c0}, {0x066060, 0x23ea20, 0x2365a0}, {0x1068e8, 0x088588, 0x300228}, {0x1c9c5c, 0x114e54, 0x1c0b3c}, {0x139090, 0x1fd930, 0x0fb2d0}, {0x3555c5, 0x05db6d, 0x0d0ddb}, {0x1000e8, 0x088000, 0x128780}, {0x2eee8e, 0x1be79e, 0x1a0fb6}, {0x28005c, 0x1d4000, 0x0bc9c0}, {0x20008e, 0x39e000, 0x1b65a0}, {0x1e00c5, 0x14d000, 0x17b2d0}, {0x080068, 0x200800, 0x200228}, {0x1800ee, 0x0a0200, 0x320fb6}, {0x0a009c, 0x2a0c00, 0x120b3c}, {0x350055, 0x200500, 0x200ddb} }, { {0x228000, 0x068000, 0x148000}, {0x450000, 0x130000, 0x1d0000}, {0x8a0000, 0x1e0000, 0x0e0000}, {0x1c0000, 0x340000, 0x1c0000}, {0x0c8000, 0x448000, 0x0e8000}, {0x070000, 0x950000, 0x0b0000}, {0x1b8000, 0x018000, 0x358000}, {0x048000, 0x1c8000, 0x568000}, {0x0d0000, 0x0b0000, 0x850000}, {0x114000, 0x0ec000, 0x084000}, {0x19e000, 0x1c6000, 0x18e000}, {0x151000, 0x065000, 0x123000}, {0x0b9c00, 0x050c00, 0x08c400}, {0x0d6e00, 0x098200, 0x06e200}, {0x028080, 0x1e8f80, 0x0c8780}, {0x136800, 0x010800, 0x158800}, {0x155500, 0x100500, 0x1dbb00}, {0x03c0c0, 0x0c4740, 0x10c9c0}, {0x01e060, 0x166a20, 0x0ae5a0}, {0x0be8e8, 0x090588, 0x058228}, {0x1c9c5c, 0x114e54, 0x1c0b3c}, {0x139090, 0x1fd930, 0x0fb2d0}, {0x17d5c5, 0x035b6d, 0x198ddb}, {0x1000e8, 0x088000, 0x128780}, {0x0c6e8e, 0x1d679e, 0x0e8fb6}, {0x0a805c, 0x1bc000, 0x1f49c0}, {0x1e808e, 0x0b6000, 0x13e5a0}, {0x1e00c5, 0x14d000, 0x17b2d0}, {0x0f8068, 0x158800, 0x098228}, {0x0380ee, 0x0b8200, 0x078fb6}, {0x16009c, 0x1e0c00, 0x0e0b3c}, {0x100055, 0x130500, 0x1d0ddb} }, { {0x114000, 0x0ec000, 0x084000}, {0x26d000, 0x0e1000, 0x0ef000}, {0x4da000, 0x01a000, 0x0da000}, {0x86f000, 0x043000, 0x04d000}, {0x0cf000, 0x1a3000, 0x0ad000}, {0x05e000, 0x286000, 0x04e000}, {0x0c8000, 0x448000, 0x0e8000}, {0x0bf000, 0x8f3000, 0x01d000}, {0x045000, 0x089000, 0x1a7000}, {0x0e9000, 0x07d000, 0x27b000}, {0x0c2000, 0x0e2000, 0x462000}, {0x0d0000, 0x0b0000, 0x850000}, {0x0b9c00, 0x050c00, 0x08c400}, {0x0d6e00, 0x098200, 0x06e200}, {0x0e7080, 0x04bf80, 0x065780}, {0x067800, 0x075800, 0x07b800}, {0x0cb500, 0x0c6500, 0x055b00}, {0x0790c0, 0x04d740, 0x0ab9c0}, {0x0d1060, 0x0c5a20, 0x0035a0}, {0x0be8e8, 0x090588, 0x058228}, {0x057c5c, 0x0d2e54, 0x04eb3c}, {0x0e2090, 0x0b2930, 0x0d22d0}, {0x02c5c5, 0x050b6d, 0x0bbddb}, {0x0510e8, 0x0ed000, 0x00b780}, {0x009e8e, 0x07579e, 0x045fb6}, {0x02205c, 0x096000, 0x0fe9c0}, {0x0b908e, 0x0d3000, 0x01d5a0}, {0x07e0c5, 0x08b000, 0x0f52d0}, {0x037068, 0x0fb800, 0x035228}, {0x0380ee, 0x0b8200, 0x078fb6}, {0x0bb09c, 0x0afc00, 0x0c9b3c}, {0x09e055, 0x0f6500, 0x05eddb} }, { {0x0e7080, 0x04bf80, 0x065780}, {0x17b200, 0x024e00, 0x066600}, {0x202200, 0x029e00, 0x00d600}, {0x463c00, 0x04ac00, 0x056400}, {0x86f000, 0x043000, 0x04d000}, {0x031e80, 0x0d3d80, 0x00b580}, {0x047280, 0x120180, 0x02a180}, {0x06fe80, 0x255d80, 0x045580}, {0x071c00, 0x418c00, 0x064400}, {0x069e00, 0x86b200, 0x073200}, {0x05ec80, 0x01b380, 0x0e9380}, {0x02a200, 0x041e00, 0x145600}, {0x00e080, 0x036f80, 0x21e780}, {0x014e00, 0x07a200, 0x40c200}, {0x006e00, 0x028200, 0x83e200}, {0x067800, 0x075800, 0x07b800}, {0x01db00, 0x05e700, 0x03b900}, {0x027c40, 0x0564c0, 0x042a40}, {0x007e60, 0x05d820, 0x06d7a0}, {0x0686e8, 0x008788, 0x036028}, {0x0662dc, 0x0013d4, 0x045ebc}, {0x06a210, 0x0318b0, 0x055350}, {0x072945, 0x04b8ed, 0x052e5b}, {0x060e68, 0x03ed80, 0x000200}, {0x009e8e, 0x07579e, 0x045fb6}, {0x04d25c, 0x05ee00, 0x01cfc0}, {0x06fe8e, 0x04b200, 0x0737a0}, {0x0112c5, 0x043e00, 0x0174d0}, {0x006ee8, 0x028580, 0x03e7a8}, {0x009e6e, 0x06bf80, 0x073a36}, {0x03321c, 0x02cd80, 0x04eabc}, {0x048e55, 0x06e700, 0x030fdb} }, { {0x040440, 0x023cc0, 0x039240}, {0x080880, 0x03e780, 0x01ef80}, {0x101100, 0x00f100, 0x026700}, {0x202200, 0x029e00, 0x00d600}, {0x404400, 0x03f400, 0x02dc00}, {0x808800, 0x036800, 0x036800}, {0x01db00, 0x05e700, 0x03b900}, {0x02c580, 0x08da80, 0x030c80}, {0x0076c0, 0x103d40, 0x0133c0}, {0x008680, 0x220580, 0x03ed80}, {0x00bf00, 0x433300, 0x024500}, {0x00e600, 0x81ea00, 0x008a00}, {0x03a740, 0x0083c0, 0x079340}, {0x024f80, 0x030c80, 0x0a9280}, {0x00de40, 0x017ac0, 0x107c40}, {0x00e080, 0x036f80, 0x21e780}, {0x009500, 0x024500, 0x437b00}, {0x006e00, 0x028200, 0x83e200}, {0x020220, 0x00bce0, 0x02fde0}, {0x0282a8, 0x02bb48, 0x00f268}, {0x01c1dc, 0x02acd4, 0x005fbc}, {0x010110, 0x01a7b0, 0x015250}, {0x015145, 0x03e0ed, 0x02965b}, {0x020a28, 0x01d140, 0x039040}, {0x02e2ce, 0x02335e, 0x0075f6}, {0x010d1c, 0x0235c0, 0x01e480}, {0x00868e, 0x03ea00, 0x008fa0}, {0x00c9c5, 0x01d900, 0x02cdd0}, {0x006ee8, 0x028580, 0x03e7a8}, {0x02e22e, 0x03db40, 0x031076}, {0x00955c, 0x024e40, 0x0379fc}, {0x015115, 0x013cc0, 0x03249b} }, { {0x034374, 0x00179c, 0x00add4}, {0x0484c8, 0x003b68, 0x019dc8}, {0x09c95c, 0x014b54, 0x01b03c}, {0x115054, 0x005a7c, 0x003734}, {0x21e3dc, 0x0032d4, 0x0089bc}, {0x40c488, 0x01f3a8, 0x00d388}, {0x800888, 0x016fa8, 0x016788}, {0x01c1dc, 0x02acd4, 0x005fbc}, {0x009a54, 0x054c7c, 0x01e934}, {0x00c7a0, 0x086660, 0x01f160}, {0x0076c0, 0x103d40, 0x0133c0}, {0x000608, 0x200228, 0x01e208}, {0x003f88, 0x4134a8, 0x004a88}, {0x00e600, 0x81ea00, 0x008a00}, {0x014154, 0x00ab7c, 0x025034}, {0x01a560, 0x003f20, 0x056ea0}, {0x018c7c, 0x011cb4, 0x0830dc}, {0x00de40, 0x017ac0, 0x107c40}, {0x01215c, 0x01c354, 0x21b83c}, {0x001588, 0x0042a8, 0x417488}, {0x00ee88, 0x0085a8, 0x81ed88}, {0x010110, 0x01a7b0, 0x015250}, {0x01d1cd, 0x01e745, 0x0099d3}, {0x000808, 0x016da0, 0x016da0}, {0x006066, 0x008816, 0x00879e}, {0x00ccc0, 0x009914, 0x01bb3c}, {0x014752, 0x0146d4, 0x00d01c}, {0x018891, 0x01727c, 0x009de4}, {0x00ee60, 0x008228, 0x01e820}, {0x0121d2, 0x01cb74, 0x01b22a}, {0x0015d4, 0x0049e8, 0x017674}, {0x001041, 0x0197bc, 0x0174af} }, { {0x010918, 0x00ca10, 0x003ff0}, {0x024a6c, 0x00dd8c, 0x009224}, {0x045415, 0x007b9d, 0x00564b}, {0x08c84c, 0x00ece4, 0x00e26c}, {0x10594c, 0x00906c, 0x0008c4}, {0x20eac4, 0x00f8c4, 0x00b64c}, {0x401c5d, 0x00defd, 0x0075ab}, {0x800080, 0x000208, 0x000a28}, {0x00d8d5, 0x012d55, 0x00a623}, {0x00c8c4, 0x0266c4, 0x00604c}, {0x00925c, 0x0421dc, 0x008494}, {0x00177d, 0x082695, 0x003ae3}, {0x00a61d, 0x107db5, 0x00f843}, {0x00d6d5, 0x2042dd, 0x00298b}, {0x00e75d, 0x4019fd, 0x00ecab}, {0x003ed5, 0x80c755, 0x002c23}, {0x00d0dd, 0x0040f5, 0x01cb83}, {0x00484c, 0x00616c, 0x026fc4}, {0x007ca5, 0x00b5c5, 0x049ad3}, {0x005db1, 0x00fbf1, 0x08a90f}, {0x000695, 0x005795, 0x10da63}, {0x00204c, 0x0064e4, 0x20ea6c}, {0x00c555, 0x00025d, 0x40bf0b}, {0x003e55, 0x00c55d, 0x80260b}, {0x006066, 0x008816, 0x00879e}, {0x001c1d, 0x00d9e1, 0x0070bf}, {0x00969f, 0x00a191, 0x0049cf}, {0x00595c, 0x009539, 0x000437}, {0x003ebd, 0x00c2dd, 0x0023a3}, {0x0020c2, 0x006cc4, 0x00e07a}, {0x00c509, 0x00091d, 0x00bdf7}, {0x001849, 0x00fa1c, 0x00190f} }, { {0x008a82, 0x007870, 0x003970}, {0x011505, 0x0013f1, 0x004f4f}, {0x022a0a, 0x00559a, 0x0015ba}, {0x045415, 0x007b9d, 0x00564b}, {0x0822a8, 0x001c82, 0x005c82}, {0x104551, 0x00498d, 0x00787b}, {0x200020, 0x0008a2, 0x0008a2}, {0x400040, 0x00071c, 0x000514}, {0x800080, 0x000208, 0x000a28}, {0x001c1d, 0x00d9e1, 0x0070bf}, {0x002e2c, 0x0104d2, 0x006872}, {0x004246, 0x021eb4, 0x00593c}, {0x0064a5, 0x04085b, 0x004ac5}, {0x00177d, 0x082695, 0x003ae3}, {0x0050e4, 0x105432, 0x003612}, {0x005c57, 0x203aad, 0x0010fb}, {0x0011a4, 0x40307a, 0x0022fa}, {0x0022c8, 0x801eb4, 0x005c9c}, {0x007c7b, 0x0051f7, 0x00f721}, {0x002624, 0x006972, 0x0105d2}, {0x00484c, 0x00616c, 0x026fc4}, {0x001cc3, 0x003dd3, 0x041d4d}, {0x003dd7, 0x0073e7, 0x082e91}, {0x007aee, 0x000662, 0x102d42}, {0x005c37, 0x003513, 0x201d4d}, {0x0033ac, 0x002bda, 0x40715a}, {0x002248, 0x001cbc, 0x8056b4}, {0x004541, 0x004cd8, 0x007488}, {0x0022a0, 0x001b3c, 0x00531c}, {0x005cb9, 0x003d33, 0x00175b}, {0x0033f0, 0x00209a, 0x0073a6}, {0x000454, 0x0023fd, 0x0069b0} }, { {0x005cb9, 0x003d33, 0x00175b}, {0x00b1da, 0x0012a7, 0x0009bf}, {0x0137a5, 0x0008cd, 0x001c53}, {0x021152, 0x003f4d, 0x002575}, {0x041154, 0x003745, 0x0022c3}, {0x080008, 0x0007be, 0x000f9e}, {0x100010, 0x000555, 0x000cf3}, {0x200020, 0x0008a2, 0x0008a2}, {0x400040, 0x00071c, 0x000514}, {0x800080, 0x000208, 0x000a28}, {0x003b58, 0x006ad7, 0x0030cf}, {0x0005e5, 0x00a80a, 0x00136c}, {0x000c8c, 0x011fee, 0x003b6e}, {0x003c5f, 0x0238bb, 0x001d7b}, {0x001abc, 0x042e54, 0x000e82}, {0x00177d, 0x082695, 0x003ae3}, {0x003705, 0x1003d6, 0x001186}, {0x0000ee, 0x20079e, 0x0007a0}, {0x0011a4, 0x40307a, 0x0022fa}, {0x000068, 0x800588, 0x000f80}, {0x0022a0, 0x001b3c, 0x00531c}, {0x00393a, 0x001d2f, 0x0083a9}, {0x001d7c, 0x0003a5, 0x01351d}, {0x000d0d, 0x002db4, 0x021b4c}, {0x001cc3, 0x003dd3, 0x041d4d}, {0x00068f, 0x001930, 0x081e5e}, {0x002657, 0x003b51, 0x103a19}, {0x00008e, 0x000820, 0x200a16}, {0x00110c, 0x0030e6, 0x402246}, {0x0000e8, 0x000780, 0x8005a8}, {0x001150, 0x003ba6, 0x0020ba}, {0x0026f4, 0x0038c1, 0x003aac} } };


24-bit Sobol direction numbers per cell

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