24-bit Sobol direction numbers per cell in Gray-code order








#include "Math/Sobol.h"


static const int32 Cell3DGrayNumbers = { { {0x800000, 0x800000, 0x800000}, {0x400000, 0x400000, 0xc00000}, {0xd00000, 0x100000, 0x700000}, {0xb00000, 0x300000, 0x500000}, {0x580000, 0xc80000, 0xa80000}, {0xd60000, 0x6a0000, 0xd20000}, {0x8a0000, 0x1e0000, 0x0e0000}, {0x4f0000, 0x8d0000, 0x930000}, {0x278000, 0x558000, 0xc98000}, {0xbb4000, 0x70c000, 0xe64000}, {0x552000, 0x292000, 0x472000}, {0x00b000, 0xcff000, 0xb79000}, {0xc02c00, 0x7bfc00, 0xd85400}, {0xa0c200, 0xf9fe00, 0x593600}, {0x484280, 0xd97180, 0x7bb180}, {0xc82a80, 0xa17980, 0xa13980}, {0x587f80, 0x627c80, 0xe18280}, {0x04bf40, 0x333bc0, 0x524b40}, {0x8adf20, 0xc8d1e0, 0xa92ee0}, {0xe2b7c8, 0x685468, 0xd12cc8}, {0x7e2b94, 0xf91a3c, 0x4d27f4}, {0xbbbb04, 0x8cc30c, 0x909524}, {0xeeeec1, 0xa91861, 0xbd98ff}, {0x6eee29, 0xf19861, 0x1f1f7f}, {0x8000a7, 0x2a7fff, 0x4510c9}, {0x4000fb, 0xcf3fff, 0xb6d909}, {0x200075, 0xb6dfff, 0x6dbca9}, {0xb000b0, 0x000fff, 0x000e79}, {0x5800d8, 0x8007ff, 0x800c51}, {0xd60036, 0xa005ff, 0xa003e7}, {0x8a00aa, 0x6009ff, 0xe008db}, {0x4f00ff, 0x300cff, 0x500500} }, { {0x600000, 0x200000, 0x200000}, {0x080000, 0x580000, 0x580000}, {0x460000, 0x3a0000, 0x620000}, {0x5a0000, 0x0e0000, 0x7e0000}, {0x1f0000, 0x1d0000, 0x630000}, {0x678000, 0x158000, 0x098000}, {0x2b4000, 0x20c000, 0x564000}, {0x552000, 0x292000, 0x472000}, {0x50b000, 0x5ff000, 0x479000}, {0x502c00, 0x2bfc00, 0x685400}, {0x60c200, 0x39fe00, 0x193600}, {0x584280, 0x097180, 0x4bb180}, {0x482a80, 0x217980, 0x213980}, {0x187f80, 0x227c80, 0x218280}, {0x04bf40, 0x333bc0, 0x524b40}, {0x0adf20, 0x48d1e0, 0x292ee0}, {0x72b7c8, 0x385468, 0x612cc8}, {0x6e2b94, 0x291a3c, 0x7d27f4}, {0x3bbb04, 0x0cc30c, 0x109524}, {0x6eeec1, 0x291861, 0x3d98ff}, {0x7eee29, 0x219861, 0x2f1f7f}, {0x5000a7, 0x3a7fff, 0x3510c9}, {0x1000fb, 0x5f3fff, 0x46d909}, {0x300075, 0x66dfff, 0x5dbca9}, {0x6000b0, 0x100fff, 0x700e79}, {0x0800d8, 0x1007ff, 0x700c51}, {0x560036, 0x2005ff, 0x2003e7}, {0x1a00aa, 0x3009ff, 0x5008db}, {0x4f00ff, 0x300cff, 0x500500}, {0x43c03f, 0x140bbf, 0x3c0cc0}, {0x7b40bf, 0x7c043f, 0x340b40}, {0x5520df, 0x1e0e1f, 0x0e0ee0} }, { {0x1c0000, 0x340000, 0x1c0000}, {0x390000, 0x070000, 0x210000}, {0x078000, 0x358000, 0x298000}, {0x0d4000, 0x3ac000, 0x144000}, {0x132000, 0x132000, 0x252000}, {0x38b000, 0x27f000, 0x3f9000}, {0x162c00, 0x11fc00, 0x0a5400}, {0x00c200, 0x19fe00, 0x393600}, {0x1e4280, 0x337180, 0x29b180}, {0x282a80, 0x017980, 0x013980}, {0x187f80, 0x227c80, 0x218280}, {0x22bf40, 0x293bc0, 0x104b40}, {0x24df20, 0x0ad1e0, 0x332ee0}, {0x34b7c8, 0x025468, 0x032cc8}, {0x282b94, 0x131a3c, 0x1f27f4}, {0x3bbb04, 0x0cc30c, 0x109524}, {0x0eeec1, 0x091861, 0x1d98ff}, {0x1eee29, 0x019861, 0x0f1f7f}, {0x3000a7, 0x1a7fff, 0x1510c9}, {0x1800fb, 0x073fff, 0x1ed909}, {0x380075, 0x3edfff, 0x05bca9}, {0x2600b0, 0x2a0fff, 0x120e79}, {0x2e00d8, 0x0a07ff, 0x320c51}, {0x360036, 0x0005ff, 0x0003e7}, {0x3c00aa, 0x2a09ff, 0x1208db}, {0x0900ff, 0x0a0cff, 0x320500}, {0x23c03f, 0x340bbf, 0x1c0cc0}, {0x3540bf, 0x1e043f, 0x0e0b40}, {0x3520df, 0x3e0e1f, 0x2e0ee0}, {0x16b04f, 0x27072f, 0x010c30}, {0x36d8a7, 0x1f8aa7, 0x3b8618}, {0x0044fb, 0x30c8f3, 0x264924} }, { {0x114000, 0x0ec000, 0x084000}, {0x08a000, 0x12a000, 0x10a000}, {0x1db000, 0x14f000, 0x029000}, {0x162c00, 0x11fc00, 0x0a5400}, {0x1b4200, 0x187e00, 0x0cb600}, {0x19c280, 0x06f180, 0x003180}, {0x0aaa80, 0x07f980, 0x15b980}, {0x1fff80, 0x17fc80, 0x080280}, {0x1c3f40, 0x1bbbc0, 0x18cb40}, {0x1ddf20, 0x0dd1e0, 0x122ee0}, {0x1637c8, 0x04d468, 0x17acc8}, {0x0aab94, 0x159a3c, 0x0ba7f4}, {0x193b04, 0x0a430c, 0x041524}, {0x0eeec1, 0x091861, 0x1d98ff}, {0x1eee29, 0x019861, 0x0f1f7f}, {0x1280a7, 0x1cffff, 0x0190c9}, {0x1800fb, 0x073fff, 0x1ed909}, {0x068075, 0x0c5fff, 0x0d3ca9}, {0x1880b0, 0x188fff, 0x1a8e79}, {0x1700d8, 0x0d07ff, 0x130c51}, {0x148036, 0x0685ff, 0x1483e7}, {0x0280aa, 0x1889ff, 0x1a88db}, {0x1280ff, 0x0b8cff, 0x078500}, {0x1d403f, 0x068bbf, 0x148cc0}, {0x17c0bf, 0x18843f, 0x1a8b40}, {0x1020df, 0x0d0e1f, 0x130ee0}, {0x0ab04f, 0x13072f, 0x1d0c30}, {0x0fd8a7, 0x188aa7, 0x1a8618}, {0x07c4fb, 0x0548f3, 0x0fc924}, {0x1aaa75, 0x072d6d, 0x192492}, {0x057fb0, 0x0c7300, 0x181249}, {0x197f58, 0x18fc80, 0x041249} }, { {0x0b9c00, 0x050c00, 0x08c400}, {0x06f200, 0x0c8e00, 0x0e2600}, {0x088280, 0x083180, 0x087180}, {0x0efa80, 0x0f6980, 0x0fc980}, {0x024f80, 0x030c80, 0x0a9280}, {0x05df40, 0x07dbc0, 0x002b40}, {0x08cf20, 0x0b81e0, 0x001ee0}, {0x0327c8, 0x028468, 0x059cc8}, {0x065b94, 0x0faa3c, 0x0177f4}, {0x087b04, 0x04830c, 0x0c5524}, {0x0abec1, 0x018861, 0x07e8ff}, {0x0fae29, 0x0f5861, 0x075f7f}, {0x0f30a7, 0x080fff, 0x0300c9}, {0x0d10fb, 0x016fff, 0x0ce909}, {0x068075, 0x0c5fff, 0x0d3ca9}, {0x0160b0, 0x04efff, 0x026e79}, {0x0210d8, 0x0b57ff, 0x013c51}, {0x019036, 0x00d5ff, 0x06b3e7}, {0x0a20aa, 0x0a29ff, 0x0a28db}, {0x03c0ff, 0x054cff, 0x0fc500}, {0x08503f, 0x00dbbf, 0x06bcc0}, {0x0e20bf, 0x04e43f, 0x026b40}, {0x0530df, 0x0b5e1f, 0x013ee0}, {0x02104f, 0x01a72f, 0x0dac30}, {0x0778a7, 0x0a2aa7, 0x0a2618}, {0x07c4fb, 0x0548f3, 0x0fc924}, {0x0fba75, 0x017d6d, 0x0b1492}, {0x012fb0, 0x04e300, 0x026249}, {0x04cf58, 0x0c0c80, 0x068249}, {0x015f9d, 0x0f05b0, 0x063249}, {0x012fc1, 0x00f2f0, 0x026249}, {0x0f4f4f, 0x02f8d0, 0x030249} }, { {0x067800, 0x075800, 0x07b800}, {0x07a300, 0x02bf00, 0x040100}, {0x05df40, 0x07dbc0, 0x002b40}, {0x05a120, 0x0203e0, 0x06fce0}, {0x0327c8, 0x028468, 0x059cc8}, {0x054514, 0x0297bc, 0x01c274}, {0x03e704, 0x018f0c, 0x049124}, {0x04ce41, 0x0537e1, 0x01bf7f}, {0x02c029, 0x06da61, 0x01bd7f}, {0x025ea7, 0x018dff, 0x05e2c9}, {0x068cfb, 0x0463ff, 0x042d09}, {0x007275, 0x00d1ff, 0x031aa9}, {0x0160b0, 0x04efff, 0x026e79}, {0x010e58, 0x066a7f, 0x0189d1}, {0x019036, 0x00d5ff, 0x06b3e7}, {0x02a22a, 0x02187f, 0x02595b}, {0x062c7f, 0x04ff7f, 0x015680}, {0x0620bf, 0x04643f, 0x00eb40}, {0x00503f, 0x005bbf, 0x043cc0}, {0x062e5f, 0x06639f, 0x018b60}, {0x07fccf, 0x0014af, 0x033fb0}, {0x018aa7, 0x06a4a7, 0x040018}, {0x02287b, 0x04fb73, 0x015aa4}, {0x042675, 0x04716d, 0x03d092}, {0x012fb0, 0x04e300, 0x026249}, {0x07d1d8, 0x013100, 0x0637c9}, {0x02411d, 0x023830, 0x0687c9}, {0x012fc1, 0x00f2f0, 0x026249}, {0x013fcf, 0x064750, 0x0555c9}, {0x072727, 0x027558, 0x018a49}, {0x05cb3b, 0x07888c, 0x0419c9}, {0x0325d5, 0x046d12, 0x077bc9} }, { {0x020220, 0x00bce0, 0x02fde0}, {0x008088, 0x0207a8, 0x020f88}, {0x014154, 0x00ab7c, 0x025034}, {0x004044, 0x010ccc, 0x030264}, {0x011101, 0x02ec21, 0x01943f}, {0x031b29, 0x033d61, 0x02047f}, {0x01f9e7, 0x010e3f, 0x027189}, {0x00f4fb, 0x033bff, 0x039509}, {0x007275, 0x00d1ff, 0x031aa9}, {0x00bbb0, 0x0108ff, 0x01d779}, {0x00d558, 0x038d7f, 0x0230d1}, {0x023776, 0x00563f, 0x0120a7}, {0x02a22a, 0x02187f, 0x02595b}, {0x03f33f, 0x0324bf, 0x017dc0}, {0x03ffff, 0x03bfff, 0x00c000}, {0x03f77f, 0x00d87f, 0x03af80}, {0x03f11f, 0x01b85f, 0x01a020}, {0x03f88f, 0x02286f, 0x00adf0}, {0x03f6e7, 0x03c067, 0x002a58}, {0x03f37b, 0x011c73, 0x02e3a4}, {0x01f935, 0x03aaad, 0x03fbd2}, {0x00f4b0, 0x010400, 0x01db49}, {0x0072d8, 0x038e00, 0x0236c9}, {0x01e65d, 0x02bbf0, 0x011489}, {0x012fc1, 0x00f2f0, 0x026249}, {0x03438f, 0x032390, 0x017f89}, {0x032367, 0x004998, 0x021809}, {0x03b33b, 0x00d08c, 0x03a1c9}, {0x015995, 0x0109d2, 0x035189}, {0x000440, 0x03303f, 0x030509}, {0x020880, 0x0064ff, 0x037f49}, {0x030cc0, 0x001f7f, 0x01e4c9} }, { {0x010110, 0x01a7b0, 0x015250}, {0x00d0dd, 0x0040f5, 0x01cb83}, {0x00d8d5, 0x012d55, 0x00a623}, {0x00b8b3, 0x01a543, 0x0021bd}, {0x007473, 0x013c57, 0x019a81}, {0x013321, 0x007a83, 0x014a9d}, {0x00bbb0, 0x0108ff, 0x01d779}, {0x0055d0, 0x018ad7, 0x003f59}, {0x017402, 0x0041a3, 0x018d73}, {0x0161d6, 0x00084b, 0x00fb07}, {0x017197, 0x019ff7, 0x018fa8}, {0x017d57, 0x0104b7, 0x003268}, {0x01f55f, 0x00649f, 0x015260}, {0x00b26b, 0x01afc3, 0x010df4}, {0x017a27, 0x009327, 0x005f98}, {0x01744f, 0x017b2f, 0x00d830}, {0x01f15b, 0x01a093, 0x001e44}, {0x0179bd, 0x01ad05, 0x01f45a}, {0x00f4b0, 0x010400, 0x01db49}, {0x00f250, 0x0189a8, 0x003941}, {0x002781, 0x001724, 0x014b35}, {0x006e95, 0x00598c, 0x00327d}, {0x01c127, 0x0198d8, 0x018de1}, {0x012147, 0x00f578, 0x00e5e9}, {0x01b11b, 0x006c6c, 0x015c29}, {0x0018c1, 0x01a2ae, 0x0101bd}, {0x0084c8, 0x013797, 0x010a81}, {0x000aa0, 0x00d81f, 0x0182a9}, {0x004fb4, 0x0008e3, 0x01491d}, {0x00c734, 0x008543, 0x00233d}, {0x000bf4, 0x01c733, 0x009c2d}, {0x00ed1c, 0x002533, 0x00162d} }, { {0x006066, 0x008816, 0x00879e}, {0x007c7b, 0x0051f7, 0x00f721}, {0x00eae4, 0x00f066, 0x00beee}, {0x00b3b8, 0x00655f, 0x00bad9}, {0x008d05, 0x00a782, 0x00997a}, {0x00adc7, 0x00cb46, 0x007900}, {0x0068ce, 0x00c25b, 0x00c4f7}, {0x007087, 0x003847, 0x00ddf8}, {0x00ac9a, 0x00e3f2, 0x00abbb}, {0x002c9a, 0x00ee7a, 0x00a613}, {0x00ba63, 0x00c263, 0x006054}, {0x00733f, 0x005937, 0x006068}, {0x00a582, 0x009c6a, 0x0041e3}, {0x002096, 0x0047d6, 0x008797}, {0x0078ad, 0x000ab5, 0x00a60a}, {0x00fcb8, 0x0069a0, 0x00b6e9}, {0x002a85, 0x00a4fd, 0x009f62}, {0x00f75c, 0x0057d1, 0x0080b6}, {0x006e95, 0x00598c, 0x00327d}, {0x00c037, 0x003f68, 0x00dfb1}, {0x00285f, 0x003f68, 0x00da19}, {0x0068de, 0x00e689, 0x00a85a}, {0x0010c9, 0x00cf0e, 0x006c1d}, {0x008cc0, 0x005a37, 0x006721}, {0x00da7d, 0x0098ea, 0x00492a}, {0x009f69, 0x004816, 0x00829e}, {0x00c734, 0x008543, 0x00233d}, {0x00d321, 0x00ea66, 0x003a0e}, {0x00ed1c, 0x002533, 0x00162d}, {0x0034c8, 0x00f79b, 0x00d6a5}, {0x0082f5, 0x003f50, 0x0078b0}, {0x00c370, 0x005e18, 0x006c58} }, { {0x004541, 0x004cd8, 0x007488}, {0x0067e1, 0x0057e4, 0x002794}, {0x003b58, 0x006ad7, 0x0030cf}, {0x0008a8, 0x004a4d, 0x004369}, {0x000cfc, 0x0069b0, 0x002ad9}, {0x00467e, 0x001394, 0x001555}, {0x004cfc, 0x00666c, 0x00218d}, {0x002cfc, 0x0063f2, 0x00299b}, {0x00733f, 0x005937, 0x006068}, {0x00331d, 0x003dfb, 0x00082c}, {0x005ced, 0x001621, 0x0070b6}, {0x0004d6, 0x005b42, 0x00512b}, {0x000a41, 0x004027, 0x0078b8}, {0x004ae3, 0x002ceb, 0x0018fc}, {0x0001a5, 0x007e56, 0x004ee7}, {0x006e95, 0x00598c, 0x00327d}, {0x0036ce, 0x0016ef, 0x0011e0}, {0x005424, 0x006e9f, 0x002d38}, {0x0008b8, 0x006e9f, 0x002fc4}, {0x000cd4, 0x0016ef, 0x001ca2}, {0x000642, 0x002247, 0x005e51}, {0x004ce2, 0x00397b, 0x0000e5}, {0x006990, 0x006191, 0x004ccf}, {0x0051ab, 0x0024d2, 0x006af2}, {0x0045be, 0x004bf7, 0x0073c1}, {0x00679e, 0x005d43, 0x002f5d}, {0x0054ae, 0x007f8d, 0x00513b}, {0x000877, 0x004720, 0x0041c0}, {0x0049f2, 0x002668, 0x005528}, {0x006138, 0x004f2c, 0x003744}, {0x001816, 0x001ed2, 0x007992}, {0x002421, 0x002e5f, 0x006cc9} }, { {0x001150, 0x003ba6, 0x0020ba}, {0x0037a4, 0x000367, 0x001a16}, {0x001ac7, 0x002ea7, 0x00020e}, {0x002b1d, 0x003188, 0x000619}, {0x0017a4, 0x000925, 0x001954}, {0x00367e, 0x0015ef, 0x0014e0}, {0x00331d, 0x003dfb, 0x00082c}, {0x0022f4, 0x00302e, 0x0034f1}, {0x001d2e, 0x002aa9, 0x0032f8}, {0x0013b9, 0x0031cc, 0x001b6b}, {0x00165a, 0x0011d8, 0x000fa7}, {0x00185d, 0x000fbd, 0x002d34}, {0x000974, 0x000e68, 0x0015e9}, {0x0036ce, 0x0016ef, 0x0011e0}, {0x0033c5, 0x00397b, 0x000aac}, {0x0033e0, 0x000448, 0x001f0b}, {0x000cd4, 0x0016ef, 0x001ca2}, {0x0024e2, 0x00397b, 0x000d4d}, {0x00105b, 0x000448, 0x0017be}, {0x002cd1, 0x002d49, 0x003847}, {0x002fb2, 0x0002dd, 0x002eb5}, {0x0000ff, 0x00072f, 0x000749}, {0x00007f, 0x000aa7, 0x0008c9}, {0x0011ef, 0x003355, 0x0025b3}, {0x00118f, 0x0036cb, 0x002213}, {0x0037eb, 0x000067, 0x00116f}, {0x0006d9, 0x0018c8, 0x0010d0}, {0x003ab6, 0x0005ee, 0x002a8e}, {0x000681, 0x003563, 0x003fd5}, {0x00016a, 0x001d58, 0x0007c6}, {0x0035bb, 0x00286b, 0x0012b5}, {0x0009ad, 0x000d6a, 0x00308c} } };


24-bit Sobol direction numbers per cell in Gray-code order

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