24-bit Sobol direction numbers for 32-bit index








#include "Math/Sobol.h"


static const int32 DirectionNumbers = { { 0x000001, 0x000002, 0x000004, 0x000008, 0x000010, 0x000020, 0x000040, 0x000080, 0x000100, 0x000200, 0x000400, 0x000800, 0x001000, 0x002000, 0x004000, 0x008000, 0x010000, 0x020000, 0x040000, 0x080000, 0x100000, 0x200000, 0x400000, 0x800000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000 }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0x200000, 0x100000, 0x080000, 0x040000, 0x020000, 0x010000, 0x008000, 0x004000, 0x002000, 0x001000, 0x000800, 0x000400, 0x000200, 0x000100, 0x000080, 0x000040, 0x000020, 0x000010, 0x000008, 0x000004, 0x000002, 0x000001, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000 }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0xa00000, 0xf00000, 0x880000, 0xcc0000, 0xaa0000, 0xff0000, 0x808000, 0xc0c000, 0xa0a000, 0xf0f000, 0x888800, 0xcccc00, 0xaaaa00, 0xffff00, 0x800080, 0xc000c0, 0xa000a0, 0xf000f0, 0x880088, 0xcc00cc, 0xaa00aa, 0xff00ff, 0x808080, 0xc0c0c0, 0xa0a0a0, 0xf0f0f0, 0x888888, 0xcccccc, 0xaaaaaa, 0xffffff }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0x600000, 0x900000, 0xe80000, 0x5c0000, 0x8e0000, 0xc50000, 0x688000, 0x9cc000, 0xee6000, 0x559000, 0x806800, 0xc09c00, 0x60ee00, 0x905500, 0xe88080, 0x5cc0c0, 0x8e6060, 0xc59090, 0x6868e8, 0x9c9c5c, 0xeeee8e, 0x5555c5, 0x8000e8, 0xc0005c, 0x60008e, 0x9000c5, 0xe80068, 0x5c009c, 0x8e00ee, 0xc50055 }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0x200000, 0x500000, 0xf80000, 0x740000, 0xa20000, 0x930000, 0xd88000, 0x254000, 0x59e000, 0xe6d000, 0x780800, 0xb40c00, 0x820200, 0xc30500, 0x208f80, 0x514740, 0xfbea20, 0x75d930, 0xa08588, 0x914e54, 0xdbe79e, 0x25db6d, 0x588000, 0xe54000, 0x79e000, 0xb6d000, 0x800800, 0xc00c00, 0x200200, 0x500500 }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0x200000, 0xb00000, 0xf80000, 0xdc0000, 0x7a0000, 0x9d0000, 0x5a8000, 0x2fc000, 0xa16000, 0xf0b000, 0xda8800, 0x6fc400, 0x816200, 0x40bb00, 0x228780, 0xb3c9c0, 0xfb65a0, 0xddb2d0, 0x780228, 0x9c0b3c, 0x5a0fb6, 0x2d0ddb, 0xa28780, 0xf3c9c0, 0xdb65a0, 0x6db2d0, 0x800228, 0x400b3c, 0x200fb6, 0xb00ddb }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0x600000, 0x300000, 0xc80000, 0x240000, 0x560000, 0xfb0000, 0xe08000, 0x704000, 0xa86000, 0x143000, 0x9ec800, 0xdf2400, 0xb6d600, 0x8bbb00, 0x480080, 0x640040, 0x360060, 0xcb0030, 0x2880c8, 0x544024, 0xfe6056, 0xef30fb, 0x7e48e0, 0xaf6470, 0x1eb6a8, 0x9f8b14, 0xd6c81e, 0xbb249f, 0x80d6d6, 0x40bbbb }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0xa00000, 0xd00000, 0x580000, 0x940000, 0x3e0000, 0xe30000, 0xbe8000, 0x23c000, 0x1e2000, 0xf31000, 0x467800, 0x678400, 0x784600, 0x846700, 0xc67880, 0xa784c0, 0xd846a0, 0x5467d0, 0x9e78d8, 0x338454, 0xe6469e, 0xb76733, 0x20f866, 0x104477, 0xf86680, 0x4477c0, 0x668020, 0x77c010, 0x8020f8, 0xc01044 }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0xa00000, 0x500000, 0x880000, 0x240000, 0x120000, 0x2d0000, 0x768000, 0x9e4000, 0x082000, 0x641000, 0xb22800, 0x7d1400, 0xfea200, 0xba4900, 0x1a2480, 0x491b40, 0xc4b5a0, 0xe37390, 0xf68008, 0xde4004, 0xa8200a, 0x341005, 0x3a2808, 0x591402, 0xeca201, 0x974902, 0x6ca487, 0xd75b49, 0xcc95a0, 0x876396 }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0xa00000, 0x500000, 0x280000, 0xd40000, 0x6a0000, 0x710000, 0x388000, 0x584000, 0xea2000, 0x311000, 0x98a800, 0x085400, 0xc22a00, 0xe52500, 0xf2b280, 0x794840, 0xfaa420, 0xbd7310, 0x18a808, 0x485404, 0x622a0a, 0xb52505, 0xdab282, 0xad484d, 0x90a426, 0xcc7317, 0x20280b, 0x101401, 0x880a04, 0x843506 }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0xe00000, 0xb00000, 0x980000, 0x940000, 0x8a0000, 0x5b0000, 0x338000, 0xd9c000, 0x722000, 0x3f1000, 0xc1b800, 0xa6ec00, 0x538600, 0x29f500, 0x0a3a80, 0x1b2ac0, 0xd392e0, 0x69ff70, 0xea3808, 0xab2c04, 0x4ba60e, 0xfde50b, 0x600289, 0xf006c9, 0x7834e8, 0x241a75, 0x123a8b, 0xcf2ac9, 0xb992e9, 0x82ff78 }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0xa00000, 0x100000, 0x080000, 0x6c0000, 0x9e0000, 0x230000, 0x578000, 0xadc000, 0x7fa000, 0x91d000, 0x498800, 0xced400, 0x880a00, 0x2c0f00, 0x3e0d80, 0x3317c0, 0x5fb060, 0xc1f8b0, 0xe18d88, 0xb2d7c4, 0x1e106a, 0x6328b1, 0xf78588, 0xbdc3c2, 0x77ba63, 0xfdf7b3, 0xd7800d, 0xedc008, 0xdfa004, 0x81d00a }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0x200000, 0x300000, 0x580000, 0xac0000, 0x960000, 0x2b0000, 0xd48000, 0x094000, 0xe2a000, 0x525000, 0x4e2800, 0xc71c00, 0x629e00, 0x126700, 0x6e1380, 0xf731c0, 0x3a98a0, 0xbe4490, 0xf83b88, 0xdc2dc4, 0xee06a2, 0xb72393, 0x1aa80d, 0x8e5c0e, 0xa03e0b, 0x703701, 0x783b88, 0x9c2dca, 0xce06a7, 0x872397 }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0xa00000, 0x500000, 0xf80000, 0x8c0000, 0xe20000, 0x330000, 0x0f8000, 0x214000, 0x95a000, 0x5e7000, 0xd80800, 0x1c2400, 0xba1600, 0xef3700, 0x158680, 0x9e6fc0, 0x781b60, 0x4c3490, 0x420e88, 0x630bcc, 0xf7ad6a, 0xad7395, 0x778007, 0x6d4004, 0xd7a004, 0x3d7006, 0x2f880f, 0xb1640a, 0xcdb607, 0x824706 }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0x600000, 0x900000, 0x380000, 0xc40000, 0x420000, 0xa30000, 0xf18000, 0xaa4000, 0xfce000, 0x851000, 0xe00800, 0x500c00, 0x580600, 0x540900, 0x7a0380, 0x670c40, 0xb38420, 0x094a30, 0x0d6f18, 0x2f5aa4, 0x1ce7ce, 0xd51451, 0xb80000, 0x040000, 0x220000, 0x330000, 0xc98000, 0x6e4000, 0xbee000, 0x261000 }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0x200000, 0xf00000, 0xa80000, 0x540000, 0x9a0000, 0x9d0000, 0x1e8000, 0x5cc000, 0x7d2000, 0x8d1000, 0x248800, 0x71c400, 0xeba200, 0x75df00, 0x6ba280, 0x35d140, 0x4ba3a0, 0xc5d2d0, 0xe3a168, 0x91db8c, 0x79aef2, 0x0cdf41, 0x672a80, 0x501540, 0x1a01a0, 0xdd0dd0, 0x3e83e8, 0xaccacc, 0xd52d52, 0xd91d91 } };


24-bit Sobol direction numbers for 32-bit index

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