24-bit Sobol direction numbers for Gray code order








#include "Math/Sobol.h"


static const int32 GrayNumbers = { { 0x000001, 0x000003, 0x000007, 0x00000f, 0x00001f, 0x00003f, 0x00007f, 0x0000ff, 0x0001ff, 0x0003ff, 0x0007ff, 0x000fff, 0x001fff, 0x003fff, 0x007fff, 0x00ffff, 0x01ffff, 0x03ffff, 0x07ffff, 0x0fffff, 0x1fffff, 0x3fffff, 0x7fffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0xe00000, 0xf00000, 0xf80000, 0xfc0000, 0xfe0000, 0xff0000, 0xff8000, 0xffc000, 0xffe000, 0xfff000, 0xfff800, 0xfffc00, 0xfffe00, 0xffff00, 0xffff80, 0xffffc0, 0xffffe0, 0xfffff0, 0xfffff8, 0xfffffc, 0xfffffe, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff, 0xffffff }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0xe00000, 0x100000, 0x980000, 0x540000, 0xfe0000, 0x010000, 0x818000, 0x414000, 0xe1e000, 0x111000, 0x999800, 0x555400, 0xfffe00, 0x000100, 0x800180, 0x400140, 0xe001e0, 0x100110, 0x980198, 0x540154, 0xfe01fe, 0x010101, 0x818181, 0x414141, 0xe1e1e1, 0x111111, 0x999999, 0x555555, 0xffffff, 0x000000 }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0x200000, 0xb00000, 0x580000, 0x040000, 0x8a0000, 0x4f0000, 0x278000, 0xbb4000, 0x552000, 0x00b000, 0x80d800, 0x404400, 0x20aa00, 0xb0ff00, 0x587f80, 0x04bf40, 0x8adf20, 0x4f4fb0, 0x272758, 0xbbbb04, 0x55558a, 0x00004f, 0x8000a7, 0x4000fb, 0x200075, 0xb000b0, 0x5800d8, 0x040044, 0x8a00aa, 0x4f00ff }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0x600000, 0x300000, 0xc80000, 0xbc0000, 0x1e0000, 0x8d0000, 0x558000, 0x70c000, 0x292000, 0xcff000, 0xb7f800, 0x03f400, 0x81f600, 0x42f300, 0x627c80, 0x333bc0, 0xc8d1e0, 0xbd08d0, 0x1d8d58, 0x8cc30c, 0x572492, 0x72ffff, 0x2a7fff, 0xcf3fff, 0xb6dfff, 0x000fff, 0x8007ff, 0x400bff, 0x6009ff, 0x300cff }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0xe00000, 0x500000, 0xa80000, 0x740000, 0x0e0000, 0x930000, 0xc98000, 0xe64000, 0x472000, 0xb79000, 0x6d1800, 0x02dc00, 0x83be00, 0xc30500, 0xe18280, 0x524b40, 0xa92ee0, 0x749c30, 0x0c9e18, 0x909524, 0xca9a92, 0xe79749, 0x4510c9, 0xb6d909, 0x6dbca9, 0x000e79, 0x800c51, 0xc0076d, 0xe008db, 0x500500 }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0xa00000, 0x900000, 0x580000, 0x7c0000, 0x2a0000, 0xd10000, 0x318000, 0x41c000, 0xe9a000, 0xfd9000, 0x635800, 0xbc7c00, 0x0aaa00, 0x811100, 0xc91180, 0xad11c0, 0x9b11a0, 0x501190, 0x789158, 0x2cd17c, 0xd2b12a, 0x3d81d1, 0x43c931, 0xecad41, 0xf21be9, 0x6d90fd, 0xbb58e3, 0x007c7c, 0x80aaaa, 0xc01111 }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0xe00000, 0x300000, 0x680000, 0xfc0000, 0xc20000, 0x210000, 0x9f8000, 0xbc4000, 0xa26000, 0x517000, 0x170800, 0x708c00, 0x08ca00, 0x8cad00, 0x4ad580, 0xed5140, 0x3517e0, 0x617030, 0xff08e8, 0xcc8cbc, 0x2aca22, 0x9dad11, 0xbd5577, 0xad1100, 0x557780, 0x110040, 0x778060, 0x004070, 0x806088, 0x4070cc }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0x600000, 0x300000, 0xb80000, 0x9c0000, 0x8e0000, 0xa30000, 0xd58000, 0x4bc000, 0x43e000, 0x27f000, 0x95d800, 0xe8cc00, 0x166e00, 0xac2700, 0xb60380, 0xff18c0, 0x3bad60, 0xd8def0, 0x2e5ef8, 0xf01efc, 0x583ef6, 0x6c2ef3, 0x5606fb, 0x0f12f9, 0xe3b0f8, 0x74f9fa, 0x185d7d, 0xcf0634, 0x039394, 0x84f002 }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0x600000, 0x300000, 0x180000, 0xcc0000, 0xa60000, 0xd70000, 0xef8000, 0xb7c000, 0x5de000, 0x6cf000, 0xf45800, 0xfc0c00, 0x3e2600, 0xdb0300, 0x29b180, 0x50f9c0, 0xaa5de0, 0x172ef0, 0x0f86f8, 0x47d2fc, 0x25f8f6, 0x90ddf3, 0x4a6f71, 0xe7273c, 0x77831a, 0xbbf00d, 0x9bd806, 0x8bcc07, 0x03c603, 0x87f305 }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0x200000, 0x900000, 0x080000, 0x9c0000, 0x160000, 0x4d0000, 0x7e8000, 0xa74000, 0xd56000, 0xea7000, 0x2bc800, 0x8d2400, 0xdea200, 0xf75700, 0xfd6d80, 0xe64740, 0x35d5a0, 0x5c2ad0, 0xb612d8, 0x1d3edc, 0x5698d2, 0xab7dd9, 0xcb7f50, 0x3b7999, 0x434d71, 0x675704, 0x756d8f, 0xba4746, 0x03d5af, 0x812ad7 }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0x600000, 0x700000, 0x780000, 0x140000, 0x8a0000, 0xa90000, 0xfe8000, 0x534000, 0x2ce000, 0xbd3000, 0xf4b800, 0x3a6c00, 0xb26600, 0x9e6900, 0xa06480, 0x937340, 0xccc320, 0x0d3b90, 0xecb618, 0x5e61dc, 0x4071b6, 0x235907, 0xd4dc8f, 0x691f4d, 0x1ea52e, 0xe3529d, 0x34d290, 0xd91298, 0x06b29c, 0x876296 }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0xe00000, 0xd00000, 0x880000, 0x240000, 0xb20000, 0x990000, 0x4d8000, 0x44c000, 0xa66000, 0xf43000, 0xba1800, 0x7d0400, 0x1f9a00, 0x0dfd00, 0x63ee80, 0x94df40, 0xae47e0, 0x100370, 0xe838f8, 0x34153c, 0xda139e, 0x6d300d, 0x779800, 0xf9c40e, 0x59fa05, 0x29cd04, 0x51f68c, 0xcddb46, 0x03dde1, 0x84fe76 }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0xe00000, 0xb00000, 0x480000, 0xc40000, 0x260000, 0x150000, 0x1a8000, 0x3bc000, 0xae6000, 0xf01000, 0x281800, 0x343c00, 0x8e2a00, 0x611d00, 0x749b80, 0xeaf440, 0x92ef20, 0xdedbb0, 0x9cd538, 0xffdef4, 0x08739e, 0xa5000b, 0xd2800c, 0xbfc008, 0x68600c, 0x55100a, 0x7a9805, 0xcbfc0f, 0x064a08, 0x840d0e }, { 0x800000, 0x400000, 0x200000, 0xb00000, 0x880000, 0x4c0000, 0x0e0000, 0xad0000, 0x5c8000, 0xf6c000, 0x0a2000, 0x8f3000, 0x6f3800, 0x3f3400, 0x673200, 0x333b00, 0x493880, 0x2e34c0, 0x9db0e0, 0x94fad0, 0x9995c8, 0xb6cf6c, 0xaa28a2, 0x7f3cf3, 0xc73cf3, 0xc33cf3, 0xe13cf3, 0xd23cf3, 0x1bbcf3, 0x75fcf3, 0xcb1cf3, 0xed0cf3 }, { 0x800000, 0xc00000, 0xe00000, 0x100000, 0xb80000, 0xec0000, 0x760000, 0xeb0000, 0xf58000, 0xa94000, 0xd46000, 0x597000, 0x7df800, 0x0c3c00, 0xe79e00, 0x924100, 0xf9e380, 0xcc32c0, 0x879160, 0x4243b0, 0xa1e2d8, 0x303954, 0x4997a6, 0x4548e7, 0x226267, 0x727727, 0x687687, 0xb57b57, 0x8bf8bf, 0x273273, 0xf21f21, 0x2b02b0 } };


24-bit Sobol direction numbers for Gray code order

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