Working with Sequencer

Tips, Tricks and other Considerations when working with Sequencer.

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In addition to the several built-in shortcuts and key bindings that you can use to speed up the rate at which you create your content in Sequencer, there are also features related to Sequencer that you can use to generate content for your cinematics such as the Sequence Recorder. This page will highlight different features and tools that are related to Sequencer as well as some of the tips, tricks and workflows you can use during your cinematic creation process.

If you are new to Sequencer it is recommended that you first check out the Overview page.

Features & Tools

Tips & Workflows

As of the release of engine version 4.20, Sequencer has undergone some refactoring in terms of how time is represented to better support filmic pipelines and contexts where frame-accuracy is of huge importance. Please see the Sequencer Time Refactor Technical Notes page for more information.

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