Creating Blend Spaces

Overview of creating a Blend Space and Blend Space 1D asset for use in Animation Blueprints.

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This page covers how to create both Blend Space and Blend Space 1D assets using a Skeleton to associate the Blend Space with.


Creating a Blend Space and Blend Space 1D are generally the same, however, Editing Blend Spaces slightly differs based on which asset you are working with.

  1. In the Content Browser of your project, click the Add New button (or right-click in the Content Browser) and choose Animation > Blend Space.


    If you would like to create a Blend Space 1D, select the option for Blend Space 1D instead.


  2. In the Pick Skeleton dialog, select the Skeleton the Blend Space should target.


    Your list of assets may look different based on the number of Skeleton Assets you have in your project.

  3. Enter a name for your new Blend Space asset.

    Create Blueprint - Asset Created

    The Blend Space is also available to be used in the Anim Graphs of Animation Blueprints targeting the same Skeleton as the Blend Space:


End Result

After creating a Blend Space, you can open it and it will appear empty (below).


From here you can begin creating Locomotion Based Blending or your desired blending effect.

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