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Describes the folder Reference Viewer in the Content Browser.

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The Reference Viewer displays a graph of assets that reference or are referenced by any assets that are currently selected in the Content Browser .

To display the Reference Viewer, right-click a selected asset (or assets) in the Content Browser , and, on the context menu that appears, click Reference Viewer .

Reference Viewer

  1. Other assets that reference the selected asset(s).

  2. The selected asset(s).

  3. Other assets that are referenced by the selected asset(s).

You can also access the Reference Viewer by right-clicking a folder in the Asset Tree . The Reference Viewer will display a graph of references for all assets in that folder.

For more information about the Content Browser , see Content Browser .

Search Options

In the upper-left corner of the Reference Viewer, you can see two options related to the search used by the Unreal Editor to build the graph.

Search Options



Search Depth Limit

The depth to which the engine will search for references. For example, a value of 2 means that the graph will display not only the assets related to the selected asset, but also the assets that are related to those related assets.

Search Breadth Limit

The number of references listed in a given column (reference or referenced by). For example, if an asset references 20 assets, but the value of the Search Breadth Limit is set to 10, only 10 assets will be displayed in that column.

Context Menu Options

To view options for an asset in the graph, right-click the asset. A context menu will appear.



Find in Content Browser

Finds the selected asset in the Content Browser .

Re-Center Graph

Recreates the graph around the selected asset, with assets it references and is referenced by.

List Referenced Objects

Displays a list of assets referenced by the selected asset.

List Objects That Reference

Displays a list of assets that reference the selected asset.

Make Collection With Referenced Assets

Creates a Collection with the assets that reference and are referenced by the selected asset.

Show Reference Tree

Displays a Reference Tree for the selected asset. Note that depending on the complexity of your game, this may take some time. For more information about the Reference Tree, see Reference Tree Tool .

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