Converting a Project to a Template

Steps for converting an existing project to a template.

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To convert an existing project into a template:

  1. Move the project folder into the appropriate Templates directory:

    Engine Version



    C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine[Version]\Templates



  2. Open Templates\[ProjectName]\Config\DefaultGame.ini and add or update the ProjectName variable.

  3. Copy Templates\TP_FirstPerson\Config\TemplateDefs.ini to Templates\[ProjectName]\Config\TemplateDefs.ini. You can use any existing template folder in place of TP_FirstPerson.

  4. Open Templates\[ProjectName]\Config\TemplateDefs.ini and update the LocalizedDisplayNames and LocalizedDescriptions variables.

    LocalizedDisplayNames=(Language="en",Text="My Test Template")
    LocalizedDescriptions=(Language="en",Text="A project including starter content and a first person character set up in Blueprints.")
  5. You may add an icon file in Templates\[ProjectName]\[ProjectName].png

You should now see the new template in the New Project dialog.

To see new templates, you only need to close and open the New Project dialog. However, if you make any changes to an existing template (for example LocalizedDisplayNames), the change will not appear until you restart the editor.

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