Unreal Editor Interface

A breakdown of the Unreal Editor user interface, along with key principles on how the editor works.

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The Basics

If you are new to the editor, it will be useful to acquaint yourself with a few basic concepts regarding the user interface and general workflow. Below are a few primary topics to get your feet wet if you are just starting out.

Editors, Browsers, and Tools

Not every part of Unreal Editor is exposed by default, as it would simply require too much screen space to show everything. Some parts only show themselves when you attempt to edit a certain type of asset. Others become available when trying to change specific types of properties. Still others exist as ways to make it easier to perform certain operations, such as bringing assets into your levels and environments.



Project and Asset Access

  • Project Browser

  • Content Browser

  • [Class Viewer](Basics/ToolsAndEditors/ClassViewer "A hierarchical list of all of the Object classes available for your games.")

  • [Global Asset Picker](Basics/AssetsAndPackages/GlobalAssetPicker " A fast-access tool for placing and editing your game assets directly from within the Viewport.")

Property Editing

  • [Property Matrix](Basics/ToolsAndEditors/PropertyMatrix "This panel allows you to change the properties on multiple meshes simultaneously in a spreadsheet-like format.")

  • [Color Picker](Basics/ToolsAndEditors/ColorPicker "A panel for setting color-based properties, with a few special features for color continuity and ease of use.")

  • [Curve Editor](Basics/ToolsAndEditors/CurveEditor "This panel makes the adjustment of function curves for properties that change over time.")

Settings and Preferences

  • [Editor Settings](Basics/ToolsAndEditors/EditorSettings "A window that contains the various settings available to the editor.")

  • [Project Settings](Basics/Projects/ProjectSettings "Settings for your specific game project and how it will be packaged.")

  • [KeyBindings](Basics/ToolsAndEditors/KeyBindings "A panel allowing you to change and create hotkeys for the editor.")

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