How to Edit a Spline Component in the Viewport

Learn how to edit Blueprint Spline Component curves in the Level Editor.

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This how-to will step through editing Blueprint Spline Component curves while they are in the Level Editor. Blueprint Spline Mesh Components can also be set so they can be edited in the Level Editor, but only have two points to use, and you cannot add any more points.

While this how-to covers editing splines while in the Level Editor, you can actually fully edit a Blueprint Spline Component or Blueprint Spline Mesh Component in the viewport of the Blueprint Editor using the exact same methods and tools.


  1. Place Blueprint with a Spline Component into your Level.


  2. The actor you just placed should be selected. If it isn't, select any Actor in your level that has a Spline Component.

    If your Blueprint Actor has no other visible Components (Meshes, billboards, etc.), it may be difficult to select. However, you can always select it from the World Outliner .

    If you are using a Spline Mesh Component , you'll need to enable Allow Spline Editing Per Instance on the Blueprint in the Blueprint Editor to see its Curve Points .

  3. Select a Curve Point on the spline, and using the Move, Rotate, and Scale tools, manipulate the Curve Points and Tangent Points into the desired shape.


    You can also use the following features to edit the curve:

    • To Add a point, right-click on a Curve Section and select Add Spline Point Here .

    • To Duplicate a point, right-click the Curve Point you want to duplicate and select Duplicate Spline Point

    • To Remove a point, right-click on a Curve Point and select Delete Spline Point

    For more information on all the tools available to edit Spline Components, see Blueprint Spline Editor Tool Reference .

    Once you start editing the Spline Component, the Override Construction Script property will be set to True to prevent it from overwriting your work.


While the spline we have been editing doesn't affect anything, there are a number of uses for this data. See Blueprint Splines Content Examples documentation and the Content Examples project for additional information.

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