Creation and Import of Destructibles using the NVIDIA APEX Toolset.

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NVIDIA produces a tool called the APEX PhysX Lab which can be used to create destructible meshes. Information on its usage can be found in the NVIDIA documentation over the APEX PhysX Lab tools. However, it should be noted that currently Unreal Engine only supports APEX Destructibles and APEX Cloth. To create APEX Cloth assets it is required to use the PhysX: 3Ds Max/Maya DCC plug-in or the standalone tool is included in the APEX SDK.

Destructible Actors can be generated within Unreal Editor 4 using Voronoi with a single depth level. APEX Destructible assets with more than one depth level or using a function other than Voronoi to shatter the mesh, must currently be generated in the APEX PhysX Lab.

Importing APEX Destructibles and Cloth

Importing an APEX object is the same as importing a FBX file. All APEX assets are exported as .apb or .apx, Unreal Editor will determine the type of APEX object being imported.

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