Creating a New Physics Body in the Physics Asset Editor

This how-to covers the procedures for creating new Physics Bodies in a Physics Asset using the Physics Asset Editor.

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Described here are several procedures for adding Bones to Physics Bodies.

![Adding or replacing a Physics Body](add_replace_bodies.png)

Adding a Single Physics Body to a Bone

If you want to add a single new Physics Body to a Bone, follow the procedures below.

  1. Right-click a Bone in the Skeleton Tree panel to open the Context Menu.

    • If the Bone does not already have a Physics Body, click Add/Regenerate Body to create a Physics Body with a default Shape attached and using the default settings.

    • If the Bone does not already have a Physics Body but you do not want to use the default Shape, click a Shape in the Add Shape submenu instead.

    • If the Bone already has a Physics Body, you can add an additional Physics Body by clicking a Shape in the Add Shape submenu; the existing Shape attached to the Physics Body is retained.

  2. Alternatively, select a Bone in the Skeleton Tree panel, then click the Add Bodies button in the Tools Panel.

You should see that a corresponding body shape has been added (and parented) to the selected bone.

Body Creation Properties

If you want specific custom settings for your Physics Body, you can change the properties in the Body Creation section of the Tools panel.

The table below describes all the properties of the Body Creation section of the Tools panel.

![Body creation properties](body_creation.png)(w:400)



Basic Properties

Min Body Size

Bones that are shorter than this value will be ignored when creating bodies.

Primitive Type

The geometry type that should be used when creating bodies. Default is Capsule.

  • Box

  • Capsule

  • Sphere

  • Tapered Capsule (Cloth Only)

  • Single Convex Hull

  • Multi Convex Hull

Vertex Weighting Type

How vertices are mapped to bones when approximating them with bodies.

  • Any Weight

  • Dominant Weight

AutoOrient to Bone

Whether to automatically orient the created bodies to their corresponding bones.

Walk Past Small Bones

Whether to skipp small bones entirely (rather than merge them with adjacent bones).

Create Body for All Bones

Forces creation of a body for each bone.

Disable Collisions by Default

Whether to disable collision of body with other bodies on creation.

Advanced Properties

Min Weld Size

Bones that are smaller than this value will be merged together for body creation.

Hull Count

When creating multiple convex hulls, the maximum number that will be created.

Max Hull Verts

When creating convex hulls, the maximum verts that should be created.

Adding Physics Bodies to All Bones

If you want to add Physics Bodies to all the Bones of a Skeletal Mesh at once, follow the procedures below.

  1. Make sure nothing is selected in the Skeleton Tree panel.

  2. Optionally, modify the settings of the properties in the Body Creation section of the Tools panel.

  3. Click the Generate All Bodies button.

The Generate All Bodies button is only available when no Bones are selected. If a Bone is selected, Physics Bodies can only be added to that Bone.

![Tools panel with Generate All Bodies button highlighted](generate_all_bodies.png)(w:400)

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