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Panel that is a search tool within the Blueprint Editor that allows you to quickly track down a variety of objects.

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The Find Results panel is a powerful search tool within the Blueprint Editor that allows you to quickly track down a variety of objects based on the following criteria:

  • Node name

  • Pin name

  • Node Comment

  • Property name

  • Property value

As the Find Results panel tracks down search matches, it will display a list of results, each of which works like a hyperlink that will jump the graph view to the resulting node. This makes it an excellent way to track down a specific node or piece of information that may be buried somewhere within a complex network of Blueprint scripting nodes.

Much like searching in a web browser, the Find Results panel is available by pressing Ctrl-F while working in the Blueprint Editor. By default, the panel will appear along the bottom of the Graph Panel. If the Compiler Results panel is showing, then the Find Results panel will dock alongside it.

Unlike many search fields in Unreal Engine 4, the Find Results panel does not filter results actively while you type, due to the sheer volume of possible results. Once you press Enter , the list will populate.



  1. Results list - This lists all nodes, pins, property names, comments, and property values that match the search criteria.

  2. Search filter - This is where you type in what you are looking for.

  3. Property values - Explicitly set property values will appear in parentheses in the middle of the results.

  4. Comments - Node comments, if they exist, will appear in yellow text on the right side of the panel.

  5. Find in Current Blueprint Only - When active, the search is limited only to the current Blueprint. When deactivated, the search looks through all Blueprints in the project.

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