class unreal.MagicLeapSharedFileFunctionLibrary(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.BlueprintFunctionLibrary

Magic Leap Shared File Function Library

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: MagicLeapSharedFile

  • Module: MagicLeapSharedFile

  • File: MagicLeapSharedFileFunctionLibrary.h

classmethod shared_file_list_accessible_files() → Array(str) or None

Get the names of the files that the application has access to. The application can then use the file names and read them with the IMagicLeapSharedFilePlugin::SharedFileRead() function.


true if function call succeeded and output param is valid, false otherwise

out_shared_file_list (Array(str)): Output param containing list of file names this app has acces to.

Return type

Array(str) or None

classmethod shared_file_pick_async(result_delegate)bool

Let the app get access to the user’s shared files from the common storage location. This API will pop up a System UI dialogue box with a file picker through which the users can pick files they wants to let the app have access to. The list of selected file names will be returned to the app via the delegate.


result_delegate (MagicLeapFilesPickedResultDelegate) – Delegate to be called when the user finishes picking files.


true if call to invoke the file picker succeeded, false otherwise

Return type