class unreal.NiagaraLightRendererProperties(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.NiagaraRendererProperties

Niagara Light Renderer Properties

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: Niagara

  • Module: Niagara

  • File: NiagaraLightRendererProperties.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • affects_translucency (bool): [Read-Write] Whether lights from this renderer should affect translucency. Use with caution - if enabled, create only a few particle lights at most, and the smaller they are, the less they will cost.

  • color_add (Vector): [Read-Write] A static color shift applied to each rendered light

  • color_binding (NiagaraVariableAttributeBinding): [Read-Write] Which attribute should we use for light color when generating lights?

  • light_exponent_binding (NiagaraVariableAttributeBinding): [Read-Write] Which attribute should we use for the light’s exponent when inverse squared falloff is disabled?

  • light_rendering_enabled_binding (NiagaraVariableAttributeBinding): [Read-Write] Which attribute should we use to check if light rendering should be enabled for a particle? This can be used to control the spawn-rate on a per-particle basis.

  • motion_blur_enabled (bool): [Read-Write] Is motion blur enabled on this renderer or not, the material must also have motion blur enabled.

  • platforms (NiagaraPlatformSet): [Read-Write] Platforms on which this renderer is enabled.

  • position_binding (NiagaraVariableAttributeBinding): [Read-Write] Which attribute should we use for position when generating lights?

  • radius_binding (NiagaraVariableAttributeBinding): [Read-Write] Which attribute should we use for light radius when generating lights?

  • radius_scale (float): [Read-Write] A factor used to scale each particle light radius

  • sort_order_hint (int32): [Read-Write] By default, emitters are drawn in the order that they are added to the system. This value will allow you to control the order in a more fine-grained manner.

    Materials of the same type (i.e. Transparent) will draw in order from lowest to highest within the system. The default value is 0.

  • use_inverse_squared_falloff (bool): [Read-Write] Whether to use physically based inverse squared falloff from the light. If unchecked, the value from the LightExponent binding will be used instead.

  • volumetric_scattering_binding (NiagaraVariableAttributeBinding): [Read-Write] Which attribute should we use for the intensity of the volumetric scattering from this light? This scales the light’s intensity and color.