class unreal.NiagaraScript(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.NiagaraScriptBase

Runtime script for a Niagara system

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: Niagara

  • Module: Niagara

  • File: NiagaraScript.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • category (Text): [Read-Write] Used to break up scripts of the same Usage type in UI display.

  • collapsed_view_format (Text): [Read-Write] The format for the text to display in the stack if the value is collapsed. This supports formatting placeholders for the function inputs, for example “myfunc({0}, {1})” will be converted to “myfunc(1.23, Particles.Position)”.

  • conversion_utility (type(Class)): [Read-Write] Custom logic to convert the contents of an existing script assignment to this script.

  • deprecated (bool): [Read-Write] If this script is no longer meant to be used, this option should be set.

  • deprecation_message (Text): [Read-Write] Message to display when the script is deprecated.

  • deprecation_recommendation (NiagaraScript): [Read-Write] Which script to use if this is deprecated.

  • description (Text): [Read-Write] Description

  • experimental (bool): [Read-Write] Is this script experimental and less supported?

  • experimental_message (Text): [Read-Write] The message to display when a function is marked experimental.

  • expose_to_library (bool): [Read-Write] Deprecated, use LibraryVisibility instead. deprecated: Property ‘bExposeToLibrary’ is deprecated.

  • highlights (Array(NiagaraScriptHighlight)): [Read-Write] Highlights

  • keywords (Text): [Read-Write] A list of space separated keywords which can be used to find this script in editor menus.

  • library_visibility (NiagaraScriptLibraryVisibility): [Read-Write] Defines if this script is visible to the user when searching for modules to add to an emitter.

  • module_usage_bitmask (int32): [Read-Write] When used as a module, what are the appropriate script types for referencing this module?

  • numeric_output_type_selection_mode (NiagaraNumericOutputTypeSelectionMode): [Read-Write] The mode to use when deducing the type of numeric output pins from the types of the input pins.

  • provided_dependencies (Array(Name)): [Read-Write] Array of Ids of dependencies provided by this module to other modules on the stack (e.g. ‘ProvidesNormalizedAge’)

  • required_dependencies (Array(NiagaraModuleDependency)): [Read-Write] Dependencies required by this module from other modules on the stack

  • script_meta_data (Map(Name, str)): [Read-Write] Script Metadata

property expose_to_library

[Read-Write] Deprecated, use LibraryVisibility instead. deprecated: Property ‘bExposeToLibrary’ is deprecated.