class unreal.ParticleModuleTypeDataRibbon(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.ParticleModuleTypeDataBase

Particle Module Type Data Ribbon

C++ Source:

  • Module: Engine

  • File: ParticleModuleTypeDataRibbon.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • b3d_draw_mode (bool): [Read-Write] If true, the module should render its 3D visualization helper

  • clip_source_segement (bool): [Read-Write] If true, do not join the trail to the source position

  • dead_trails_on_deactivate (bool): [Read-Write] If true, when the system is deactivated, mark trails as dead. This means they will still render, but will not have more particles added to them, even if the system re-activates…

  • dead_trails_on_source_loss (bool): [Read-Write] If true, when the source of a trail is ‘lost’ (ie, the source particle dies), mark the current trail as dead.

  • distance_tessellation_step_size (float): [Read-Write] The distance step size for tessellation. # Tessellation Points = TruncToInt((Distance Between Spawned Particles) / DistanceTessellationStepSize))

  • enable_previous_tangent_recalculation (bool): [Read-Write] If true, recalculate the previous tangent when a new particle is spawned

  • enable_tangent_diff_interp_scale (bool): [Read-Write] If this flag is enabled, the system will scale the number of interpolated vertices based on the difference in the tangents of neighboring particles. Each pair of neighboring particles will compute the following CheckTangent value:

    CheckTangent = ((ParticleA Tangent DOT ParticleB Tangent) - 1.0f) * 0.5f

    If CheckTangent is LESS THAN 0.5, then the DistanceTessellationStepSize will be scaled based on the result. This will map so that from parallel to orthogonal (0..90 degrees) will scale from [0..1]. Anything greater than 90 degrees will clamp at a scale of 1.

  • max_particle_in_trail_count (int32): [Read-Write] Max particles per trail

  • max_trail_count (int32): [Read-Write] The number of live trails

  • module_editor_color (Color): [Read-Write] The color to draw the modules curves in the curve editor.

    If bCurvesAsColor is true, it overrides this value.

  • render_axis (TrailsRenderAxisOption): [Read-Write] The ‘render’ axis for the trail (what axis the trail is stretched out on)

    Trails_CameraUp - Traditional camera-facing trail. Trails_SourceUp - Use the up axis of the source for each spawned particle. Trails_WorldUp - Use the world up axis.

  • render_geometry (bool): [Read-Write] If true, render the trail geometry (this should typically be on)

  • render_spawn_points (bool): [Read-Write] If true, render stars at each spawned particle point along the trail

  • render_tangents (bool): [Read-Write] If true, render a line showing the tangent at each spawned particle point along the trail

  • render_tessellation (bool): [Read-Write] If true, render the tessellated path between spawned particles

  • sheets_per_trail (int32): [Read-Write] The number of sheets to render for the trail.

  • spawn_initial_particle (bool): [Read-Write] If true, ribbon will spawn a particle when it first starts moving

  • tangent_recalculation_every_frame (bool): [Read-Write] If true, recalculate tangents every frame to allow velocity/acceleration to be applied

  • tangent_spawning_scalar (float): [Read-Write] The tangent scalar for spawning. Angles between tangent A and B are mapped to [0.0f .. 1.0f] This is then multiplied by TangentTessellationScalar to give the number of particles to spawn

  • tangent_tessellation_scalar (float): [Read-Write] The tangent scalar for tessellation. Angles between tangent A and B are mapped to [0.0f .. 1.0f] This is then multiplied by TangentTessellationScalar to give the number of points to tessellate

  • tiling_distance (float): [Read-Write] The (estimated) covered distance to tile the 2nd UV set at. If 0.0, a second UV set will not be passed in.

get_particle_module_type_data_ribbon_props() -> (out_max_tessellation_between_particles=int32, out_sheets_per_trail=int32, out_max_trail_count=int32, out_max_particle_in_trail_count=int32, out_dead_trails_on_deactivate=bool, out_clip_source_segment=bool, out_enable_previous_tangent_recalculation=bool, out_tangent_recalculation_every_frame=bool, out_spawn_initial_particle=bool, out_render_axis=TrailsRenderAxisOption, out_tangent_spawning_scalar=float, out_render_geometry=bool, out_render_spawn_points=bool, out_render_tangents=bool, out_render_tessellation=bool, out_tiling_distance=float, out_distance_tessellation_step_size=float, out_enable_tangent_diff_interp_scale=bool, out_tangent_tessellation_scalar=float)

Get Particle Module Type Data Ribbon Props


out_max_tessellation_between_particles (int32):

out_sheets_per_trail (int32):

out_max_trail_count (int32):

out_max_particle_in_trail_count (int32):

out_dead_trails_on_deactivate (bool):

out_clip_source_segment (bool):

out_enable_previous_tangent_recalculation (bool):

out_tangent_recalculation_every_frame (bool):

out_spawn_initial_particle (bool):

out_render_axis (TrailsRenderAxisOption):

out_tangent_spawning_scalar (float):

out_render_geometry (bool):

out_render_spawn_points (bool):

out_render_tangents (bool):

out_render_tessellation (bool):

out_tiling_distance (float):

out_distance_tessellation_step_size (float):

out_enable_tangent_diff_interp_scale (bool):

out_tangent_tessellation_scalar (float):

Return type