Blueprint Splines Content Examples

Overview of the samples provided in the Blueprint Splines Content Examples.

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The Blueprint Splines map in Content Examples will show how you can use Spline Components with Blueprints to create paths that can be used in a number of different ways. By simply adding a Spline Component to your Blueprint and selecting an instance of that Blueprint, you will gain access to editing splines within your level. You will then be able to select spline keys inside the viewport and manipulate them like any other Actor using the Translation, Rotation, and Scale widgets.

The Content Examples provided on this page illustrate how Blueprint Splines can be used with a Construction Script to create paths of Static Mesh objects or how to dynamically alter splines paths or Spline Meshes during gameplay to create content or animations.

Construction Script Examples


The examples below showcase how a Spline Component can be used with a Blueprint's Construction Script to paths or scalable Static Meshes inside the viewport in real-time.


What is Demonstrated

1.1 Blueprint Spline Component

Demonstrates how a Spline Component can be edited easily in the viewport (e.g. move four spline points of a Spline Component inside the viewport).

1.2 Placing Components Along Splines

Shows how a Blueprint can retrieve various kinds of information from a Spline Component (e.g. shows how Static Mesh Components can be placed along the length of a spline where their orientation is determined by the direction of the spline in which they were placed).

1.3 Spline Mesh Components

Spline Meshes which are another type of Spline Component used to stretch and bend a Static Mesh asset (e.g. a pipe that can be stretched and orientated using widgets in the viewport).

Dynamic Examples


The Dynamic Examples show how a Spline Component can be updated dynamically during gameplay to provide ambient background movement of objects or to animate objects or even a playable character!


What is Demonstrated

2.1 Using a Spline as a Path

An example of a Spline Component used as a path for a Particle Effect to follow.

2.2 Changing Splines While Simulating

Shows how Spline Components can be created dynamically during gameplay (e.g. a string of lanterns animate along a spline when playing or simulating).

2.3 Animating a Spline Mesh

A Spline Component can also be used as a path for a Spline Mesh to move along (e.g. a vine grows out of the ground along a spline path).

2.4 Spline Mesh for Pawn Animation

How a Spline Mesh can be used for animating a pawn (e.g. a Spline Mesh is used to animate a playable swimming fish).

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