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An overview of the Blueprints example level, example 1.2: Components

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Components can be thought of as the objects that will be needed for a Blueprint object to fulfill its purpose. There are many types of Components that can be added to a Blueprint. For example, if you know your Blueprint will need some sort of polygonal mesh to help define it, then you can add a Static Mesh Component . If your Blueprint object needs to emit light, you can add a Point Light Component or perhaps a Spot Light Component .

In this example, we see a series of Blueprint Actors, each showing some of the available Components.


From left to right, these Blueprint Actors are:

  • BP_SpriteComponent - This just contains a Billboard Component, which is often used as an aid in Blueprint placement.

  • BP_StaticMeshComponent - This Blueprint Actor contains only a Static Mesh Component, which is used when the Blueprint Actor needs a polygonal mesh or model to define it.

  • BP_PointLightComponent - This has only a Point Light Component inside of it, which would be used when a Blueprint Actor needs to emit light.

  • BP_SeveralComponents - This contains one of all of the above components, including a Billboard Component, a Static Mesh Component, and a Point Light Component.

For each of these Blueprint Actors, their respective Components were each added within the Blueprint Editor in the Component tab. The Component tab is displayed at the top-left of the Blueprint Editor window by default, as shown below. To see various ways to add and remove components, please see the Blueprint Components documentation.


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