1.7 - Particle Emission from Skeletal Mesh Bone

An overview of the Effects Gallery example level.

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At times, you will need particles to be emitted from bones of a Skeletal Mesh, such as a character. In this effect, we demonstrate this with a character that seems to be having a little bit of a problem with a certain amount of flames climbing up their arm.

This effect is achieved by way of the Bone/Socket Location module, which allows you to spawn particles from moving characters/Skeletal Meshes. You select the bones or socket names from where you want to spawn, and add a parameter name.


Then, in the Emitter Actor properties, you add the instance parameter with the name you specified before in the location module, select PSPT_Actor from the list, and select the Actor (Skeletal Mesh in this case) you want to emit particles from, and you will immediately see particles spawning at the bones/sockets you specified in the location module. Done!


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