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The Leveldesign_Workflow map gives aspiring Level Designers insight into the iterative level design process which, in this example, is broken up into four phases: Prototype , Meshing , Lighting , and Polish .

During each phase, different goals are set where the initial phases concentrate on getting the foundation in place (think quick and dirty to get your level playable) and the later phases look to build upon that foundation (improving what is in place and fine tuning the details).

While inside the editor on this map, you can cycle through each of the phases quickly by pressing the 1 key for Prototype, 2 key for Meshing, 3 key for Lighting, or 4 key for Polish to jump to each section. You can also press the 5 key to zoom out to get a clear picture of all four phases along with a brief description of what each phase consists of.

You can find additional resources for each example by clicking on the example's name.

Leveldesign_Workflow Map


When playing the level, you will notice a console with a green button (seen in the picture above). Walking up to the button will allow you to jump to the next (or previous) phase. You can also hold the Shift button to sprint while moving through each level.

Each section below provides more information on what is included in each phase of the Leveldesign_Workflow map:


What is Demonstrated

1.1 Prototype Pass

Quick block out of a playable level using basic Static Mesh Actors or Geometry Primitives with rudamentry lighting.

1.2 Meshing Pass

Replacing the basic meshes or primitives from the prototype phase with near final asset and applying basic materials.

1.3 Lighting Pass

Emphasis is placed on improving lighting, adding PostProcess effects and updating materials.

1.4 Polish Pass

Additional effects, audio and volumes are added, and final assets and details are tweaked.

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