2.3 - Movable Light

An overview of the Lighting example level, example 2_3: Movable Light

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2.3 - Movable Light

Movable Lights are lights that can be moved and changed in game. Typical uses would be headlights on a car, flashlights, light fixtures that sway in the wind, and so on. Movable Lights are completely dynamic, and do not support indirect lighting at the moment. Movable lights use dynamic shadowing for the entire scene. As a result, shadow casting movable lights can cost 20x more than a Stationary light.

Of the three light mobilities, Movable lights tend to have medium quality, highest mutability, and the highest performance cost.

Movable lights support IES profiles, described in Example 3.1, and Light Functions, described in Example 3.2.

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