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Overview of the samples provided in the Static Meshes Content Examples.

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Inside the StaticMeshes Content Example map, you will find essential examples using Static Meshes including how to set Mobility, assign UVs, and add or adjust Collision settings. Other examples include how to customize your Static Meshes with Material Elements (which allow you to specify the Material applied to parts of a Static Mesh) as well as using the MeshPaint Tool to manually paint onto a Static Mesh. Last, you will see how LODs can improve performance by scaling back the quality of a mesh based on player distance.

StaticMeshes Map


Listed below are the examples provided inside the StaticMeshes map:


What is Demonstrated

1.1 Staticmesh

A basic StaticMesh which was modeled in a 3rd Party Tool and imported as an FBX file.

1.2 Mobility

The difference between Static (baked lighting/shadows, cannot be moved while playing) and Moveable (dynamic lighting/shadows, can move when playing) Mobility of Static Meshes.

1.3 UV Mapping

Examples of correct and incorrect UV Mapping which defines the alignment of a Texture in a Material and how it is applied to a Static Mesh.

1.4 Lightmap UVs

Examples of correct and incorrect Lightmap UVs which defines how a Texture within a Material reacts to light when applied to a Static Mesh.

1.5 Generate Unique UVs

Three different methods of generating unique UVs: through a 3rd Party Tool, auto generated channel 1 from channel 0, auto generated new channel 1.

1.6 Material Elements

Illustrates how Material Elements allow you to assign different Materials to different parts of a Static Mesh.

1.7 Collision

Several examples of how Collision can be applied to a Static Mesh.

1.8 Sockets

How to attach two Static Meshes together with a Socket (e.g. a spotlight is attached to a hinge which can be rotated).

1.9 VertexColors

Imported VertexColors applied to a Static Mesh with the Mesh Paint tool.

1.10 MeshPaint Tool (Vertices)

How to paint colors on a Static Mesh using the Mesh Paint tool.

1.11 MeshPaint Tool (Texture)

How to paint textures on a Static Mesh using the Mesh Paint tool.

1.12 LOD (Level of Detail)

Demonstrates how the Level of Detail can be changed based on distance from the player.

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