Action RPG Game

A sample game that shows how to use the Ability System plugin.

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This document refers to a sample game project called Action RPG . You can find this project by doing the following:

  1. Click the Learn tab in the Epic Launcher and scroll down to the Games section.

  2. Click the image for Action RPG to see a description of the project. Click the yellow button named Free .

  3. After a short time loading, the button will change to Create Project . Click this button and the launcher will prompt you to choose a project name and location.

  4. Click Create and the project will download to your designated folder.

Designed as a resource for developers, Action RPG is a third-person hack-and-slash game built from the ground up to help you learn more about how to use UE4 to develop high-end mobile games for Android and iOS.


Ability System Breakdown


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