Saving and Loading a Session

Describes how to save (and then later reload) a session, including Annotations, Measurements, and transparency

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The host and other participants in a collaborative view can save annotations, measurements, Xray transparency state, and the position of items moved by Transform.

Saving a Session

To save your session, select the Save button, type a name for the session, then press Enter.

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Each participant saves their session in their own local copy of the collaborative view package. Sessions are saved in the YourProjectName/Saved/SaveGames sub-folder.

The current positions and rotations of you and other participants are not saved.

You cannot modify a saved session or use the name of an existing saved session.

You cannot save and restore sessions while in VR mode.

Loading a Session

To load a saved session, select the menu next to the Save button, then select a session.

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The list of sessions includes those you have saved, as well as those saved by any other participants who are currently connected.

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