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Cross-compiling makes it possible for game developers to target Linux from Windows. At this time, cross-compiling is only supported for Windows, and Mac users currently have to resort to native compiling. Additionally, we support, test, and provide libraries and toolchains for the Linux-x86_64 platform.

If you are developing your project with Unreal Engine, version 4.13 (or older), refer to the Cross-Compiling for Linux (Legacy) documentation.

Why Cross-Compilation

Cross-compilation makes it possible for game developers, working in a Windows-centric workflow, to target Linux. At this time, cross-compilation is only supported for Windows. Mac users currently have to resort to native compilation. We support, test, and provide the libraries and toolchains for the Linux-x86_64 platform.

Getting the Toolchain

Please use the following table to download the appropriate toolchain:

UE4 Version



-v19 clang-11.0.1-based


-v17 clang-10.0.1-based


-v16 clang-9.0.1-based

4.23 and 4.24

-v15 clang-8.0.1-based


-v13 clang-7.0.1-based


-v12 clang-6.0.1-based

4.19 and 4.20

-v11 clang-5.0.0-based


-v10 clang-5.0.0-based

4.16 and 4.17

-v9 clang-4.0.0-based

4.14 and 4.15

-v8 clang-3.9.0-based

4.11 thru 4.13

-v7 clang-3.7.0-based

4.9 and 4.10

-v6 clang-3.6.0-based

4.8 and earlier

-v4 clang-3.5.0-based

  • For toolchains -v8 through -v13 , there is no need to extract files or set the environment variable — just run the installer package.

  • For toolchains -v4 through -v7, we also provide the libraries and toolchains that enable you to compile for Linux ARM (original Raspberry Pi and up).

    • Note that this will require you to make a (minor) code change in UnrealBuildTool (UBT).

  • We currently have driver support for AMDGPU-PRO (not RADV) for users running Unreal Engine on CentOS.


To verify your current setup, run %LINUX_MULTIARCH_ROOT%x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu\bin\clang++ -v from the Command Prompt, which should display "clang version X.X.X ..." (see below):


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