XR Development

Learn how to set up and use XR (AR/VR/MR) platforms and devices for your Unreal projects.

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XR refers to the continuum of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality experiences. With Unreal Engine's extensive support for XR platforms and devices, you can use Unreal Engine to deploy your project to any XR platform as well as utilize the immersive devices in your content creation pipeline.

Epic Games is one of the founding members of the OpenXR Working Group along with the Khronos Group and industry partners. This multi-company group is working to solve XR fragmentation with a cross-platform standard. OpenXR is a royalty-free, open standard that provides high-performance access to XR platforms and devices. With OpenXR, you can create an immersive experience in Unreal Engine that can run on any system that supports the OpenXR APIs. See the OpenXR section for more information on how to use OpenXR in your projects.

The following sections contain information on how to set up and use the XR platforms supported in Unreal Engine.


Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

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