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Information for creating immersive experiences with Apple ARKit

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The unified AR framework includes support for basic AR functionality like Alignment, Light Estimation, Pinning, Session State, Trace Results, and Tracking. In addition to these, you can also use the latest features available in ARKit on your iOS devices

ARKit 4.0 The engine supports ARKit 4.0, which includes the following immersive features:

  • 2D Image Detection

  • 3D Object Detection

  • Face Tracking, including support for devices without the TrueDepth Camera

  • Persistent Experiences

  • Shared Experiences

  • People Occlusion

  • Motion Capture (2D, 3D, LiveLink)

  • Scene Depth API for Object Occlusion

  • Geotracking

Candidate images for image detection must have unique friendly names. If multiple candidate images share the same friendly name, only the image with the first instance of the friendly name will be recognized.

Epic Games developer Joe Graf has written several informative blogs discussing ARKit functionality in UE4.

Supported Handheld Platforms

Check what devices support ARKit in Apple's documentation on iOS Device Compatibility Reference . If you're already working with Unreal Engine and iOS devices, you'll only need a minimal amount of additional configuration to get started with augmented reality in Unreal Engine. For detailed iOS augmented reality prerequisite information, see the ARKit Prerequisites topic. Additionally, basic configuration of Unreal Engine and iOS devices is covered in the iOS Game Development section of the Unreal Engine documentation.

Getting Started with ARKit in Unreal


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