Sound Cue Editor UI

Guide to using the tools available for setting up and editing SoundCue node-based audio assets.

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The Sound Cue Editor is divided into the following regions:


  1. Menu Bar

  2. Toolbar

  3. Details panel

  4. Audio Node Graph

  5. Palette


Pressing F1 will display the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) Material documentation.

For more information about the Sound Cue Editor, see Sound Cue Editor.


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Plays the entire Sound Cue.


Plays only the currently selected node in the Audio Node Graph.


Stops playing the Sound Cue or node.

Details Panel


The Details panel displays the properties of the currently selected node. If multiple nodes are selected, the Details panel displays only the properties that the nodes have in common.

For information about the basics of using this panel, see the Editor Details Panel documentation.

Audio Node Graph

Audio Node Graph

The Audio Node Graph is located in the Viewport panel. It displays the audio signal path from left to right, with interconnected nodes representing audio control modules and audio files. The Output node, which has an image of a speaker on it, represents the final output of audio as heard in-game and is always positioned furthest to the right in the signal path. The source audio files (Sound Waves) are always positioned furthest to the left in the signal path. Wires are used to connect the nodes.


Sound node list

The Palette lists all the available nodes for the Audio Node Graph. To add a node, you can drag it into the graph from the Palette. For information about other ways of adding sound nodes, see Audio Node Graph.

You can add a comment to the Audio Node Graph either by dragging Add Comment into the graph, or by dragging a box around nodes with the left mouse button, right-clicking a selected node, and then clicking Create Comment from Selection on the context menu that appears.

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