Creating Level Sequences with Dynamic Transforms

Describes how to create Level Sequences with Actors that have dynamic world transforms that can be changed at run time.

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When creating cinematic sequences, you may want to apply transform data to an Actor in your scene but move the entire scene to a new location in your level. You can now override the Instance Data on the Level Sequence and assign a new Transform Origin Actor to use as the sequence's new origin. This enables you to keyframe actors in your sequence and have the transforms applied be relative to the specified Transform Origin Actor.

In this example, we add a character to a sequence and give it a path. We then override the Instance Data and assign a Transform Origin Actor so that we can move the entire scene to a new location in the level while keeping our defined path intact.



For this guide we are using a new Blueprint Third Person project.

  1. in the Content/Mannequin/Character/Mesh folder, drag the SK_Mannequin into the Level.


  2. From the Main Toolbar, click the Cinematics button and Add Level Sequence then give it any name and save location.


  3. Add the SK_Mannequin to the Level Sequence, then add the ThirdPersonWalk Animation and loop it to the 150 mark.


  4. Select the SK_Mannequin in the Level, then in the Details panel set the Location values to 0,0,0.


    For best results, you will want to zero out the Actor's transform prior to keyframing it in Sequencer. If you keyframe the Transform data and it is not at zero, an offset will be applied when moving the Transform Origin Actor around in your level.

  5. In the Level Sequence, add a keyframe to the Transform track for the SK_Mannequin at its starting position, then move the character forward adding a keyframe at 150 to generate a path.


  6. From the Place Actors panel in the Basic tab, drag an Empty Actor into the Level.


    This Actor will be used as the origin for our scene in which the Level Sequence's transform will be based upon.

  7. Select the Level Sequence in the Level, then in the Details panel, enable Auto Play , Loop Indefinitely , and Override Instance Data .

  8. Select the Actor from Step 6 as the Transform Origin Actor.


  9. Simulate or Play in the Level.

End Result

When Simulating or Playing in the Level, the Level Sequence will automatically start. You can also move the Actor that is assigned as the Transform Origin Actor around in the Level to move the Level Sequence's origin.

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