Calling Events through Sequencer

Example of how you can use Sequencer's Event Track to fire off Events in Blueprint.

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When playing a cinematic through Sequencer, there may be instances when you want to trigger an Event that initiates some scripted functionality. Perhaps at a certain point in your cinematic you want a door to open, or have a particle effect to spawn and effect the Player in some way. With the Event Track you can key the exact frame in the cinematic where you want to call the Event.

You can add Events through a Sequencer track without needing to access the Blueprint. You can add multiple Events to an object, or add multiple object bindings to a single Event. If you open the Blueprint, you can also add multiple Parameters to one Event. For more detailed information, refer to

[Event Track Overview](AnimatingObjects/Sequencer/Workflow/EventTrackOverview)

In this guide, we use several Event Tracks to print text to the screen indicating our character is dead. At the same time, we disable player movement and simulate physics on the character.

For this guide we are using the Blueprint Third Person Template project.

Setting up the Character

First, we need to set up the Third Person Character.

  1. From the Main Toolbar, click the Cinematics button and select Add Level Sequence with any name and save location.

  2. In the Details panel for the Level Sequence, enable the Auto Play option.

  3. Select the ThirdPersonCharacter in the Level, then add it to Sequencer from the + Track button.

  4. Right-click on the ThirdPersonCharacter in the Level, then select Edit ThirdPersonCharacter.

  5. Right-click in the Event Graph and search for then add a Custom Event.

  6. Call the Custom Event KillPlayerText and connect a Print String node with custom text as the String.


  7. Select the KillPlayerText node, and on the Details panel, go to Inputs. Select +Add Parameter to add a new parameter to the node.


  8. Choose the String parameter from the dropdown and update the parameter name to In String. Then, connect the In String input from the Custom Event to the Print String.


Adding Event Tracks

With the character set up, we can add Events so the character becomes disabled and prints the text from the Character Blueprint.

  1. In Sequencer, click the + Track button on the ThirdPersonCharacter track and select Event.

  2. Move the Timeline to frame 149, then add a key to the Events track.

  3. Right-click on the new keyframe, and under Properties, select the Unbound dropdown to add Create a Quick Binding.

  4. In the Quick Bind, search for Set All Bodies to Simulate Physics. Make sure to check New Simulate under Payload.



  5. Add a second Event Track and add a Quick Bind for Disable Movement.

  6. Add a third Event Track and add a Quick Bind to call the Kill Player Text we set up earlier. Under Payload, enter GAME OVER! in the In String textbox.


  7. ALT+Drag the string key to three other locations on the timeline. Update the first key's string text with 3, the second key with 2, and the third key with 1.


    Essentially, we are counting down to the GAME OVER! string text.

  8. From any key's Event Properties, double-click the magnifying glass icon to open the Sequence Director Blueprint.


    You can also open the Blueprint by double-clicking the event key or by navigating to General Options > Open Director Blueprint.

  9. Add a SetCollisionEnabled node to Set All Bodies Simulate Physics, and set the type to Collision Enabled. Connect the Target pin to the Mesh pin.


    This setting causes the character to collide into objects rather than fall through them. Even though we don't need to access the Blueprint to create Events, we do need the Blueprint to add onto Events, such as in this case.

  10. When you press Play you can run around in the viewport until the 150 second mark where the character dies and the text prints to the upper left corner of the viewport.

If the Mouse Control label appears in the upper left corner, you will not be able to see the text easily. To toggle this off, go to Editor Preferences > Level Editor > Play, and uncheck Show Mouse Control Label.

End Result

When you play in the Editor, after a few moments, text will appear in the upper-left corner of the window and the character will fall to the ground with your ability to move disabled.

Adding an Event Track to an Object within Sequencer creates an Object Binding where you can call Events, Functions or access properties of the Object that you are bound to. Event Tracks can also be used to execute script within the Level Blueprint, UI Widget Blueprints, or communicate with multiple Blueprints through a Blueprint Interface.

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