Apply Animation to a Character

A beginner's look at how to add character animation in Sequencer.

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This page provides a beginner's overview of applying animations to characters in Sequencer and is intended for those who are new to Cinematics and Unreal Engine.


  • You have read through the Sequencer Basics page and have already created and opened a Level Sequence in your Level.

  • You have created a project using the Third Person Template template, which gives you access to a sample Skeletal Mesh and animations.

Adding a Character to Sequencer

Start by adding a character to your Level. Do this from the Content Browser by navigating to your Skeletal Mesh asset and dragging it into your Level.

add skeletal mesh

Next, with your sequence open and the character selected, click the + Track button and select Actor to Sequencer > Add ‘SK_Mannequin'. This will add a track referencing the character into your sequence.

character add sequencer

When the Skeletal Mesh track is added to the sequence, it will automatically be populated with common tracks for this Actor. In this example, an Animation track for the Skeletal Mesh character was automatically created.

Applying Animation to a Character

Click the + Animation button on the Animation track. This will list all available animations that are compatible with your character's skeleton. Select one of these animations to add it to your sequence.

add animation sequencer

Once the animation is added, click play to preview the sequence. If the animation is intended to continue past the current endpoint, you can drag the edge of the clip to extend it.

play character animation sequencer

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