Control Rig Looping

An overview of how to use looping and collections to create dyanmic, flexible Control Rigs.

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You can create flexible and dynamic Control Rigs with a minimal amount of setup. Looping allows you to create dynamically populated collections of objects, such as bone chains and lists of controls, that can be iterated upon. This reduces the size of graphs, improves graph performance, construction time, and increases the flexibility of the rigs


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Collections are a list of Rig Element Items that are grouped in order to do certain functionalities for looping. Collections can contain multiple items including Bones, Controls, Spaces, and Curves. Custom collections can be created using the Items node, while other naturally inclined collections such as Children or Get Parents are also available.

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This also includes other functionality such as combining multiple collections together, getting the difference between two collections, or reversing a collection

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Looping allows you to iterate through a count or a collection to repeat certain processes. The For Loop node will loop based on a given count and the For Each Item node will loop based on a given collection.

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Using the For Each Item node, the user can use other nodes in the Collection node category. These other nodes can be used for checking if an item exists, replacing names of an item, and more.

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