Animation Blueprint Debugging

Overview of how to enable the Animation Blueprint Editor's Debug window for debugging your Animation Blueprints.

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After constructing your Animation Blueprints and playtesting for functionality, you may encounter errors and want to debug what is causing those errors so that you can fix them. Animation Blueprints share a lot of functionality with the Blueprint Visual Scripting system, including some very useful debugging tools that allow you to watch the value of variables, place Breakpoints on nodes in your graph to pause the execution flow, as well as viewing the flow of execution through a trace stack of all nodes belonging to the Blueprint that has been executed.

By default, the Debug window inside the Animation Blueprint Editor is hidden, however, you can enable it from the Window option of the toolbar.


This will open the Debug window, similar to below.


The content in this window may vary based on what is inside your Animation Blueprint.

You can use the same Blueprint Debugging methods inside your Animation Blueprint to add Breakpoints or add Variables to the Watch List.


Above a Breakpoint has been added to the AnimNotify_Jump event, which will cause the script to pause when this node is called to execute. We also watching the value of the variable Enable Jump , with these debugging options we could diagnose any problems that may arise when attempting to execute the animation notify attached to our jump. Perhaps Jump is not being set correctly or the Cast node we are using failed, we would see that inside the debugger and our Animation Blueprint during a play session.

From the toolbar, under the Debug option you can enable/disable all Breakpoints, delete all Breakpoints or delete all watches (stop watching all variables).


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