Developers Folder

This document covers the use of the Developers Folder within the Content Browser's Sources Panel.

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Underneath the Assets area, within the Game folder, you will see a Developers folder. This contains all assets that are currently in the works by fellow developers. This makes for a useful collaborative environment when trying out new techniques and assets. However, there are some guidelines you should keep in mind:

  1. This is intended to be used for your own personal research or experimental and test work only , as it allows you to test things without disturbing other aspects of the game.

  2. Since this is meant to be strictly personal work, it is a good policy to never reference work from this folder to anywhere outside your folder.

  3. Think of your developer folder like a sandbox environment that should remain isolated from the remainder of your game production.

  4. The name of your developer folder will be the same as your Windows username, minus any illegal characters such as spaces or periods.

  5. Other developers can see what assets are in your folder, but only if you are using Source Control and if they have activated the "Show Other Developers" checkbox , located under Filters > Other Filters > Other Developers in the Content Browser .

For more information about working with the Sources Panel, see Sources Panel In-Depth .

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