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Configurable controls for common commands in Unreal Editor.

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Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of key presses on your keyboard that execute specific commands or actions. Common commands, as well as those specific to the mainframe or other tools in Unreal Editor 4, are configurable. You can customize keyboard shortcuts in the Unreal Editor to suit your workflow and personal preferences by binding specific keys or key combinations to specific commands.

You can set up your own set of custom keyboard shortcuts in the Editor Preferences window. To modify the keyboard shortcuts, click Editor Preferences on the Edit menu, and then click Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the Search field to filter the list of displayed commands by typing in part or all of a word or command.

Keyboard Shortcuts search

Creating a New Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Click in the text field for the command you want to bind to a keyboard shortcut.

  2. Press the combination of keys you want to use to execute the command.

    Keyboard Shortcuts bind

  3. To commit the key binding, click anywhere outside the text field.

If the combination of keys you press is already bound to another command, a warning appears.

Keyboard Shortcuts bind error

If you want to remove the existing binding and assign the keyboard shortcut to the new command, click the Key Bindings - Override button. If you want to retain the existing binding and cancel the new one, click outside the text field.

Removing an Existing Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Click the Key Bindings - Delete button next to the current keyboard shortcut for the command you want to unbind.

    Keyboard Shortcuts remove

  2. The command is not bound to any keys anymore.

    Keyboard Shortcuts removed

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