Materials Category

Customized controls for viewing and modifying the materials applied to all components of an Actor.

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The Materials category displays all the Materials applied to the Actor(s) that are selected, grouped by element. For example, a Static Mesh with 3 elements would display 3 Materials when selected.





Standard Object reference property controls for setting, finding, and resetting the assigned Material back to the base Material. Clicking the drop-down list that contains the Material's name and then clicking Edit on the context menu opens the Material in the Material Instance Editor for modification.

Material Thumbnail

Thumbnail of the Material, which can be double-clicked to open the Material Instance in the Material Instance Editor for modification.

Find Texture

List of Textures used within the Material. Selecting a Texture from the list finds that Texture in the Content Browser .

To save space, when many Actors are selected that contain different Materials for any element, a link is displayed that toggles display of all the Materials for that element.


Material Replacement

A new Material can be dragged onto the Material thumbnail or link for any element to replace the Material(s) used on that element, if replacement is supported for the type of Actor or Component. Currently, Material replacement is supported for Actors with StaticMeshComponents, SkeletalMeshComponents, or DecalComponents.


Undo and redo of Material replacement is also fully supported.

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