class unreal.AnimSequence(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.AnimSequenceBase

Anim Sequence

C++ Source:

  • Module: Engine

  • File: AnimSequence.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • additive_anim_type (AdditiveAnimationType): [Read-Write] Additive animation type. *

  • allow_frame_stripping (bool): [Read-Write] Allow frame stripping to be performed on this animation if the platform requests it Can be disabled if animation has high frequency movements that are being lost.

  • animation_track_names (Array(Name)): [Read-Only] This is name of RawAnimationData tracks for editoronly - if we lose skeleton, we’ll need relink them

  • asset_import_data (AssetImportData): [Read-Only] Importing data and options used for this mesh

  • asset_mapping_table (AssetMappingTable): [Read-Only] Asset mapping table when ParentAsset is set

  • asset_user_data (Array(AssetUserData)): [Read-Write] Array of user data stored with the asset

  • bone_compression_settings (AnimBoneCompressionSettings): [Read-Write] The bone compression settings used to compress bones in this sequence.

  • compression_error_threshold_scale (float): [Read-Write] Set a scale for error threshold on compression. This is useful if the animation will be played back at a different scale (e.g. if you know the animation will be played on an actor/component that is scaled up by a factor of 10, set this value to 10)

  • curve_compression_settings (AnimCurveCompressionSettings): [Read-Write] The curve compression settings used to compress curves in this sequence.

  • do_not_override_compression (bool): [Read-Write] Do not attempt to override compression scheme when running CompressAnimations commandlet. Some high frequency animations are too sensitive and shouldn’t be changed.

  • enable_root_motion (bool): [Read-Write] If this is on, it will allow extracting of root motion *

  • force_root_lock (bool): [Read-Write] Force Root Bone Lock even if Root Motion is not enabled

  • interpolation (AnimInterpolationType): [Read-Write] This defines how values between keys are calculated *

  • meta_data (Array(AnimMetaData)): [Read-Write] Meta data that can be saved with the asset

    You can query by GetMetaData function

  • parent_asset (AnimationAsset): [Read-Only] Parent Asset, if set, you won’t be able to edit any data in here but just mapping table

    During cooking, this data will be used to bake out to normal asset

  • per_bone_custom_attribute_data (Array(CustomAttributePerBoneData)): [Read-Only] Per Bone Custom Attribute Data

  • preview_pose_asset (PoseAsset): [Read-Write] The default skeletal mesh to use when previewing this asset - this only applies when you open Persona using this asset// todo:: note that this doesn’t retarget right now

  • rate_scale (float): [Read-Write] Number for tweaking playback rate of this animation globally.

  • ref_frame_index (int32): [Read-Write] Additve reference frame if RefPoseType == AnimFrame *

  • ref_pose_seq (AnimSequence): [Read-Write] Additive reference animation if it’s relevant - i.e. AnimScaled or AnimFrame *

  • ref_pose_type (AdditiveBasePoseType): [Read-Write] Additive refrerence pose type. Refer above enum type

  • retarget_source (Name): [Read-Write] Base pose to use when retargeting

  • retarget_source_asset (SkeletalMesh): [Read-Write] If RetargetSource is set to Default (None), this is asset for the base pose to use when retargeting. Transform data will be saved in RetargetSourceAssetReferencePose.

  • root_motion_root_lock (RootMotionRootLock): [Read-Write] Root Bone will be locked to that position when extracting root motion.*

  • sequence_length (float): [Read-Only] Length (in seconds) of this AnimSequence if played back with a speed of 1.0.

  • skeleton (Skeleton): [Read-Only] Pointer to the Skeleton this asset can be played on .

  • thumbnail_info (ThumbnailInfo): [Read-Only] Information for thumbnail rendering

  • use_normalized_root_motion_scale (bool): [Read-Write] If this is on, it will use a normalized scale value for the root motion extracted: FVector(1.0, 1.0, 1.0) *

add_bone_float_custom_attribute(bone_name, attribute_name, time_keys, value_keys)None

Add Bone Float Custom Attribute

add_bone_integer_custom_attribute(bone_name, attribute_name, time_keys, value_keys)None

Add Bone Integer Custom Attribute

add_bone_string_custom_attribute(bone_name, attribute_name, time_keys, value_keys)None

Add Bone String Custom Attribute


Remove All Custom Attributes


Remove All Custom Attributes for Bone


bone_name (Name) –

remove_custom_attribute(bone_name, attribute_name)None

Remove Custom Attribute

  • bone_name (Name) –

  • attribute_name (Name) –