class unreal.BlendSpace(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.BlendSpaceBase

Contains a grid of data points with weights from sample points in the space

C++ Source:

  • Module: Engine

  • File: BlendSpace.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • asset_mapping_table (AssetMappingTable): [Read-Only] Asset mapping table when ParentAsset is set

  • asset_user_data (Array(AssetUserData)): [Read-Write] Array of user data stored with the asset

  • axis_to_scale_animation (BlendSpaceAxis): [Read-Write] If you have input interpolation, which axis to drive animation speed (scale) - i.e. for locomotion animation, speed axis will drive animation speed (thus scale)*

  • blend_parameters (BlendParameter): [Read-Write] Blend Parameters for each axis. *

  • interpolation_param (InterpolationParameter): [Read-Write] Input interpolation parameter for all 3 axis, for each axis input, decide how you’d like to interpolate input to

  • meta_data (Array(AnimMetaData)): [Read-Write] Meta data that can be saved with the asset

    You can query by GetMetaData function

  • notify_trigger_mode (NotifyTriggerMode): [Read-Write] The current mode used by the blendspace to decide which animation notifies to fire. Valid options are:
    • AllAnimations - All notify events will fire

    • HighestWeightedAnimation - Notify events will only fire from the highest weighted animation

    • None - No notify events will fire from any animations

  • parent_asset (AnimationAsset): [Read-Only] Parent Asset, if set, you won’t be able to edit any data in here but just mapping table

    During cooking, this data will be used to bake out to normal asset

  • per_bone_blend (Array(PerBoneInterpolation)): [Read-Write] Define target weight interpolation per bone. This will blend in different speed per each bone setting

  • preview_base_pose (AnimSequence): [Read-Write] Preview Base pose for additive BlendSpace *

  • preview_pose_asset (PoseAsset): [Read-Write] The default skeletal mesh to use when previewing this asset - this only applies when you open Persona using this asset// todo:: note that this doesn’t retarget right now

  • sample_data (Array(BlendSample)): [Read-Write] Sample animation data *

  • skeleton (Skeleton): [Read-Only] Pointer to the Skeleton this asset can be played on .

  • target_weight_interpolation_speed_per_sec (float): [Read-Write] Target weight interpolation. When target samples are set, how fast you’d like to get to target. Improve target blending. i.e. for locomotion, if you interpolate input, when you move from left to right rapidly, you’ll interpolate through forward, but if you use target weight interpolation, you’ll skip forward, but interpolate between left to right

  • thumbnail_info (ThumbnailInfo): [Read-Only] Information for thumbnail rendering