class unreal.BuoyancyData(pontoons=[])

Bases: unreal.StructBase

Buoyancy Data

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: Water

  • Module: Water

  • File: BuoyancyTypes.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • angular_drag_coefficient (float): [Read-Write] Angular Drag Coefficient

  • apply_drag_forces_in_water (bool): [Read-Write] Apply Drag Forces in Water

  • buoyancy_coefficient (float): [Read-Write] Increases buoyant force applied on each pontoon.

  • buoyancy_damp (float): [Read-Write] Damping factor to scale damping based on Z velocity.

  • buoyancy_damp2 (float): [Read-Write] Second Order Damping factor to scale damping based on Z velocity.

  • buoyancy_ramp_max (float): [Read-Write] Maximum value that buoyancy can ramp to (at or beyond max velocity).

  • buoyancy_ramp_max_velocity (float): [Read-Write] Maximum velocity until which the buoyancy can ramp up.

  • buoyancy_ramp_min_velocity (float): [Read-Write] Minimum velocity to start applying a ramp to buoyancy.

  • drag_coefficient (float): [Read-Write] Drag Coefficient

  • drag_coefficient2 (float): [Read-Write] Drag Coefficient 2

  • max_buoyant_force (float): [Read-Write] Maximum buoyant force in the Up direction.

  • max_drag_speed (float): [Read-Write] Max Drag Speed

  • max_water_force (float): [Read-Write] Maximum push force that can be applied by rivers.

  • pontoons (Array(SphericalPontoon)): [Read-Write] Pontoons

  • water_shore_push_factor (float): [Read-Write] Coefficient for nudging objects to shore (for perf reasons).

  • water_velocity_strength (float): [Read-Write] Coefficient for applying push force in rivers.

property pontoons

[Read-Only] Pontoons