class unreal.DialogueSoundWaveProxy(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.SoundBase

Dialogue Sound Wave Proxy

C++ Source:

  • Module: Engine

  • File: DialogueSoundWaveProxy.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • asset_user_data (Array(AssetUserData)): [Read-Write] Array of user data stored with the asset

  • attenuation_settings (SoundAttenuation): [Read-Write] Attenuation settings package for the sound

  • bus_sends (Array(SoundSourceBusSendInfo)): [Read-Write] This sound will send its audio output to this list of buses if there are bus instances playing after source effects are processed.

  • bypass_volume_scale_for_priority (bool): [Read-Write] Bypass volume weighting priority upon evaluating whether sound should remain active when max channel count is met (See platform Audio Settings).

  • concurrency_overrides (SoundConcurrencySettings): [Read-Write] If Override Concurrency is true, concurrency settings to use.

  • concurrency_set (Set(SoundConcurrency)): [Read-Write] Set of concurrency settings to observe (if override is set to false). Sound must pass all concurrency settings to play.

  • debug (bool): [Read-Write] When “au.debug.Sounds -debug” has been specified, draw this sound’s attenuation shape when the sound is audible. For debugging purpose only.

  • duration (float): [Read-Only] Duration of sound in seconds.

  • enable_base_submix (bool): [Read-Write] If enabled, sound will route to the Master Submix by default or to the Base Submix if defined. If disabled, sound will route ONLY to the Submix Sends and/or Bus Sends

  • enable_bus_sends (bool): [Read-Write] Whether or not to enable sending this audio’s output to buses.

  • enable_submix_sends (bool): [Read-Write] Whether or not to enable Submix Sends other than the Base Submix.

  • max_distance (float): [Read-Only] The max distance of the asset, as determined by attenuation settings.

  • override_concurrency (bool): [Read-Write] Whether or not to override the sound concurrency object with local concurrency settings.

  • pre_effect_bus_sends (Array(SoundSourceBusSendInfo)): [Read-Write] This sound will send its audio output to this list of buses if there are bus instances playing before source effects are processed.

  • priority (float): [Read-Write] Used to determine whether sound can play or remain active if channel limit is met, where higher value is higher priority (see platform’s Audio Settings ‘Max Channels’ property). Unless bypassed, value is weighted with the final volume of the sound to produce final runtime priority value.

  • sound_class_object (SoundClass): [Read-Write] Sound class this sound belongs to

  • sound_submix_object (SoundSubmixBase): [Read-Write] Submix to route sound output to. If unset, falls back to referenced SoundClass submix. If SoundClass submix is unset, sends to the ‘Master Submix’ as set in the ‘Audio’ category of Project Settings’.

  • sound_submix_sends (Array(SoundSubmixSendInfo)): [Read-Write] Array of submix sends to which a prescribed amount (see ‘Send Level’) of this sound is sent.

  • source_effect_chain (SoundEffectSourcePresetChain): [Read-Write] The source effect chain to use for this sound.

  • total_samples (float): [Read-Only] Total number of samples (in the thousands). Useful as a metric to analyze the relative size of a given sound asset in content browser.

  • virtualization_mode (VirtualizationMode): [Read-Write] Virtualization behavior, determining if a sound may revive and how it continues playing when culled or evicted (limited to looping sounds).