class unreal.DisplayClusterConfigurationICVFX_OverlayAdvancedRenderSettings

Bases: unreal.StructBase

Display Cluster Configuration ICVFX Overlay Advanced Render Settings

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: nDisplay

  • Module: DisplayClusterConfiguration

  • File: DisplayClusterConfigurationTypes_ICVFX.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • buffer_ratio (float): [Read-Write] Allow ScreenPercentage

  • gpu_index (int32): [Read-Write] Performance, Multi-GPU: Asign GPU for viewport rendering. The Value ‘-1’ used to default gpu mapping (EYE_LEFT and EYE_RIGHT GPU)

  • render_target_ratio (float): [Read-Write] Performance: Render to scale RTT, resolved with shader to viewport (Custom value)

  • stereo_gpu_index (int32): [Read-Write] Performance, Multi-GPU: Customize GPU for stereo mode second view (EYE_RIGHT GPU)

  • stereo_mode (DisplayClusterConfigurationViewport_StereoMode): [Read-Write] Performance: force monoscopic render, resolved to stereo viewport