class unreal.MagicLeapConnectionsComponent(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.ActorComponent

Component that provides access to the Connections API functionality.

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: MagicLeapConnections

  • Module: MagicLeapConnections

  • File: MagicLeapConnectionsComponent.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • asset_user_data (Array(AssetUserData)): [Read-Write] Array of user data stored with the component

  • auto_activate (bool): [Read-Write] Whether the component is activated at creation or must be explicitly activated.

  • can_ever_affect_navigation (bool): [Read-Write] Whether this component can potentially influence navigation

  • component_tags (Array(Name)): [Read-Write] Array of tags that can be used for grouping and categorizing. Can also be accessed from scripting.

  • editable_when_inherited (bool): [Read-Write] True if this component can be modified when it was inherited from a parent actor class

  • is_editor_only (bool): [Read-Write] If true, the component will be excluded from non-editor builds

  • on_component_activated (ActorComponentActivatedSignature): [Read-Write] Called when the component has been activated, with parameter indicating if it was from a reset

  • on_component_deactivated (ActorComponentDeactivateSignature): [Read-Write] Called when the component has been deactivated

  • on_invite_received (MagicLeapInviteReceivedDelegateMulti): [Read-Write] Delegate instances

  • on_invite_sent (MagicLeapInviteSentDelegateMulti): [Read-Write] On Invite Sent

  • primary_component_tick (ActorComponentTickFunction): [Read-Write] Main tick function for the Component

  • replicates (bool): [Read-Write] Is this component currently replicating? Should the network code consider it for replication? Owning Actor must be replicating first!


Attempts to cancel a previously requested invite sending process. If invite dialog has not yet been completed by the user, this request will dismiss the dialog and cancel the invite sending process. Otherwise this operation will return an error.


invite_request_handle (Guid) – The handle to the invite to be cancelled.


True if the invite was cancelled, false otherwise.

Return type



Disables the sending and receiving of invites.


Enables the sending and receiving of invites.


Indicates the current status of the invite send/receive servers.


True if sending and receiving invites are enabled, false otherwise.

Return type


property on_invite_received

[Read-Write] Delegate instances



property on_invite_sent

[Read-Write] On Invite Sent



send_invite_async(args)Guid or None

Submits a request to start the invite sending process. Request an invite to be sent for other connections to join a multi-user experience. This call will trigger a connections invite dialog requesting the user to select up to the specified number of online users to be invited. The system will then initiate a push notification to other online devices, start a copy of the application requesting the invite and deliver the given payload. If the requesting application is not installed on the receiving device, the system will prompt the user to install via Magic Leap World app.


args (MagicLeapConnectionsInviteArgs) – The arguments for the sending invite process.


True if the invite is successfully created, false otherwise.

out_invite_handle (Guid): A valid FGuid to the invite request if the function call succeeds.

Return type

Guid or None