class unreal.MagicLeapSharedWorldAlignmentTransforms(alignment_transforms=[])

Bases: unreal.StructBase

Transforms to be used by all clients to align their coordinate spaces. These transforms are sent by either an authoritative or pseudo-authoritative (“chosen one”) client to the server via AMagicLeapSharedWorldPlayerController::ServerSetAlignmentTransforms() which redirects it to the AMagicLeapSharedWorldGameState instance from where these transforms are replicated to all clients to use locally for alignment. These transforms can also be set by the server, if they are saved from a previous session.

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: MagicLeapPassableWorld

  • Module: MagicLeapSharedWorld

  • File: MagicLeapSharedWorldTypes.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • alignment_transforms (Array(Transform)): [Read-Write] Alignment Transforms

property alignment_transforms

[Read-Write] Alignment Transforms