class unreal.MovieSceneScriptingEventKey(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.MovieSceneScriptingKey

Exposes a Sequencer Event type key to Python/Blueprints. Stores a reference to the data so changes to this class are forwarded onto the underlying data structures.

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: SequencerScripting

  • Module: SequencerScripting

  • File: MovieSceneScriptingEvent.h


Gets the time for this key from the owning channel.


time_unit (SequenceTimeUnit) – Should the time be returned in Display Rate frames (possibly with a sub-frame value) or in Tick Resolution with no sub-frame values?


The time of this key which combines both the frame number and the sub-frame it is on. Sub-frame will be zero if you request Tick Resolution.

Return type



Gets the value for this key from the owning channel.


The event payload for this key which contains an event name and data.

Return type


set_time(new_frame_number, sub_frame=0.0, time_unit=SequenceTimeUnit.DISPLAY_RATE)None

Sets the time for this key in the owning channel. Will replace any key that already exists at that frame number in this channel.

  • new_frame_number (FrameNumber) – What frame should this key be moved to? This should be in the time unit specified by TimeUnit.

  • sub_frame (float) – If using Display Rate time, what is the sub-frame this should go to? Clamped [0-1), and ignored with when TimeUnit is set to Tick Resolution.

  • time_unit (SequenceTimeUnit) – Should the NewFrameNumber be interpreted as Display Rate frames or in Tick Resolution?


Sets the value for this key, reflecting it in the owning channel.


new_value (MovieSceneEvent) – The new event payload for this key.