class unreal.MovieSceneUserImportFBXControlRigSettings(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.Object

Movie Scene User Import FBXControl Rig Settings

C++ Source:

  • Module: MovieSceneTools

  • File: MovieSceneToolsUserSettings.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • control_channel_mappings (Array(ControlToTransformMappings)): [Read-Write] Mappings for how Control Rig Control Attributes Map to the incoming Transforms

  • convert_scene_unit (bool): [Read-Write] Convert the scene from FBX unit to UE unit(centimeter)

  • end_time_range (FrameNumber): [Read-Write] End Time Range To Import

  • find_and_replace_strings (Array(ControlFindReplaceString)): [Read-Write] Strings In Imported Node To Find And Replace

  • force_front_x_axis (bool): [Read-Write] Convert the scene from FBX coordinate system to UE4 coordinate system with front X axis instead of -Y

  • import_onto_selected_controls (bool): [Read-Write] Whether or not import onto selected controls or all controls

  • import_uniform_scale (float): [Read-Write] Import Uniform Scale

  • imported_end_time (FrameNumber): [Read-Only] Imported File

  • imported_file_name (str): [Read-Only] Imported File Name

  • imported_frame_rate (str): [Read-Only] Incoming File Frame Rate

  • imported_node_names (Array(str)): [Read-Only] List Of Imported Names in FBX File

  • imported_start_time (FrameNumber): [Read-Only] Imported File Duration in Seconds

  • insert_animation (bool): [Read-Write] Whether or not we insert or replace, by default we insert

  • specify_time_range (bool): [Read-Write] Whether to import over specific Time Range

  • start_time_range (FrameNumber): [Read-Write] Start Time Range To Import

  • time_to_insert_or_replace_animation (FrameNumber): [Read-Write] Time that we insert or replace the imported animation