class unreal.SkeletalMeshLODSettings(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.DataAsset

Skeletal Mesh LODSettings

C++ Source:

  • Module: Engine

  • File: SkeletalMeshLODSettings.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • disable_below_min_lod_stripping (PerPlatformBool): [Read-Write] When true LODs below MinLod will not be stripped during cook.

  • lod_groups (Array(SkeletalMeshLODGroupSettings)): [Read-Write] LODGroups

  • max_num_optional_lo_ds (PerPlatformInt): [Read-Write] Default maximum number of optional LODs for meshes in this group (currently, need to be either 0 or > num of LODs below MinLod)

  • max_num_streamed_lo_ds (PerPlatformInt): [Read-Write] Default maximum number of streamed LODs for meshes in this group

  • min_lod (PerPlatformInt): [Read-Write] Minimum LOD to render. Can be overridden per component as well as set here for all mesh instances here

  • override_lod_streaming_settings (bool): [Read-Write] Whether meshes in this group override default LOD streaming settings.

  • support_lod_streaming (PerPlatformBool): [Read-Write] Whether meshes in this group stream LODs by default