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Overview of the samples provided in the FBX Import Options Content Examples.

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The FBX_Import_Options map shows some of the options that can be set when importing an FBX asset into Unreal Engine 4.

When importing a Static Mesh , Skeletal Mesh , or Animation asset in FBX format, you will be presented with the Import Options dialogue box as seen below.


Depending on the type of asset being imported, additional options will become available such as importing an asset along with its materials/textures, LOD options as well as animation and morph target options.

You can find additional resources for each example by clicking on the example's name.

FBX_Import_Options Map


Listed below are the examples provided inside the FBX_Import_Options map:


What is Demonstrated

1.1 Static Mesh

A simiple 200 x 200 box imported with default settings and imported along with its Materials and Textures from the modeling program it was created with automatically applied.

1.2 Import Mesh LODs

An asset which has a cube as its base LOD (level of detail) and a sphere set as LOD1 where the asset changes between the two based on distance to it.

1.3 Import Normals

A cube with one smoothing group and custom vertex normals is imported twice, once using the option to Calculate Normals and the other using the Import Normals option.

1.4 Skeletal Mesh

A simple Skeletal Mesh with 3 bones that has been imported and creates the mesh asset and the Skeleton asset.

1.5 Animation

The process of importing an Animation and assigning the Skeleton asset that matches the animation.

1.6 Drag and drop animation

Demonstrates how an Animation Sequence can be dragged-and-dropped onto a matching Skeleton asset inside a level in order to have it applied to and play on the asset.

1.7 Morph Target

A mesh that was imported with Morph Targets and a simple animation which shows the mesh morphing between a cube mesh and a circular mesh.

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